Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-64): Yusuf was somewhat apprehensive of the escape plan, and he had valid reasons for it. There were two walls to be scaled, one of them even 30 ft high. It had electric barbed wire-fencing on it which had electric-current running through it powerful enough to burn anything that touched it to ashes. If all this was not enough there was an SRP point right outside the wall too, making it impossible for anyone to escape. Chand asked Mohammed how are actually going to scale the walls at first, to which Mohammed joked that a helicopter would fly in and throw a rope to them which will carry them outside. Nobody understood the humor except for his closest aide Yunus. Mohammed realized and quickly switched to the actual topic, "Okay, jokes apart... For our escape, we will start digging at the back of our barrack. We will have to first dig at least 10 ft deep down and only then move forward. Everyone had an inquisitive look on their faces, and Danish asked, "Major, this looks easy to you?" to which Mohammed replied, "I know it is not easy, but we all will have to put in equal amount of efforts to make it successful" Now it was Yusuf's turn to ask a question and he inquired on how are they going to dig the tunnel, and at that point they heard someone call out Mohammed's name from the gate of the barrack. It was the jail warden, Mohammed quickly put the paper in his pocket and rushed towards him. The warden was holding a spade and a hoe and told Mohammed that the subedar had sent this to him. Mohammed had asked the Subedar to provide him with some gardening tools. As he was about to take them off the warden's hands, a guard passing by saw this and stopped to ask on why are the inmates being given these tools and what are they going to do with it. The warden informed the guard that the inmates wanted to grow from plants and do gardening in their barrack and they had asked for a few tools from the Subedar for the same. Still not satisfied with the answer, the guard asked, "Who will provide them seeds then?" The warden clarified that the Subedar has informed him that the seeds would be sent to them in a couple of days. The guard couldn't digest the clarification given to him, but because it was the Subedar who sent it to the inmates, he felt that they probably got their senior's permission for the same, and then he left.

Mohammed's accomplices were trying to overhear the conversation happening at the door. Then they saw Mohammed walk towards them triumphantly holding the tools. He stopped and then looked backward, just to ensure that the warden was not watching them. He turned to Yusuf, "And the answer to your question, we are going to dig our tunnel with these!" Everybody looked excited, but deep down they also had a little bit of fear too. Mohammed and his accomplices have time and again heard tales of how strong the Sabarmati Jail's security is and no one has been ever able to escape from here. But these men were planning the impossible and were about to change the history. "So let's start the work today itself. We'll start digging two holes of two ft each but 10  ft apart from each other," said Mohammed, but he was pointing towards the open ground in front of their cell. Everybody looked puzzled as Mohammed's plan spoke of tunneling at the back of the barrack and now he was asking them to begin digging on the front side of the cell.

Mohammed understood the confusion on his accomplices' faces and said, "the jail authorities haven't given us these tools to escape our way out. I had requested Pandya sir that our new barrack has fewer trees and plants and we wish to grow some more and do some gardening work and for which we'll be needing some tools. Yunus began to laugh at what Mohammed said and picked of the hoe to start digging. The guard who had previously doubted Mohammed's intent of having digging tools in their barrack passed by a couple of times, and each time, he'd peep in to see what they are up to. Seeing them doing some actual gardening work the guard thought to himself that he was uselessly doubting the inmates. Mohammed's plan was working as he wanted more and more people in the jail to know that he and his accomplices were into gardening work at their barracks. Had he asked for these tools sometime back, the authorities would have refused. But ever since what happened in the court, Jailer Pandya didn't wish to get into any more controversies with the inmates, especially the blast accused. The Subedar was not willing to provide the men with the tools they had asked for, but Pandya had told him "It is better that the inmates are busy with their gardening work. If we let them sit around idle, they might think of newer accusations to put on us." Pandya had even instructed the gardening department to send in some seeds to the inmates too.

Mohammed and his inmates were fully involved in the gardening work inside their barrack. A pipe to water the plants was to provide to them. Mohammed would keep asking for some of the other tools and things in the name of his gardening work and the authorities would unsuspectingly provide it to him. Thus Mohammed had finally collected all the tools and things needed to dig a tunnel. Because there were no inmates housed in the barrack where Mohammed and Co. were put up now, there was some garbage around the place too, so Mohammed got a special one-wheeled trolley which can be used to collect the garbage and take it to the dumping place on the southern side of the prison complex. One day, jailer Pandya walked in with his staff inside the barrack, much to the surprise of the inmates. But he too was taken aback by the gardening work of the inmates, "You have changed the face of the barrack for good!" exclaimed Pandya seeing the flowers and plants that were grown by Mohammed and his accomplices. But he noticed something odd that day. He saw that out of the total eight inmates, only six were present and the other two were missing.