Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-63): The barrack where Mohammed and his accomplices were now put up was built during the British rule, it was a rectangular shaped barrack with about 20 ft open spaces around it and a 150 ft open are right in front of it. It was enclosed by a 10 ft high wall and there was just one iron gate that opened to the jail campus. Everyday first their barrack cell would be locked and the main iron gate.  The next morning, Mohammed woke up even before the guard could come and open the gate of the barrack for them. He then came out in the opening area outside their cell alone. There were two neem trees and a blueberry tree inside the barrack and the birds had already come and settled on its branches, chirping. He then went in and took out his brush and toothpaste to begin his morning routine. He went to the tap outside their cell and washed his face. His eyes were scanning the area around his cell and the barrack and then looked at the warden sitting outside, who was already looking at him. The warden suddenly turned his eyes away, as if caught red-handed doing something. Mohammed laughed from inside, as now he was assured that the guards and the warden were afraid enough not to come into their barrack. When he went back in, he saw all his other accomplices were just starting to wake up. “Come on everyone, wake up. The tea would be arriving soon” said Mohammed, addressing to his sleepy inmates. The pedal rickshaw that would bring in tea for all from the jail kitchen arrived outside their barrack and stopped. Mohammed and co. collected their share of tea in their glasses and went back into their cell. Mohammed was thinking about where to begin their work, as he had taken a round of the area in and around their barrack, he had a clear geographical picture of it.

But he wanted it to be drawn out on a paper. He asked Yusuf to hand over a piece of paper and pen, who immidetely tore off a page from his notebook and handed it over to him. Mohammed was not so good at drawing, but began to sketch a rough map of their jail campus. Using his memory, he marked out the directions, the campus gate, etc. Parvez and Yuusuf were watching Mohammed draw and were completely confused on what was the sketch about. “What are you drawing Major?” asked Parvez. Mohammed gave out a laugh and said, “I wish to stay here forver now, so I am drawing the picture of my future bungalow” Parvez clearly didn’t like the joke, which Mohammed realised by the expression on his face. He said, “I’ll tell you everything langde... without you, my work won’t be even possible” He completed drawing out the map and he placed it between his notebook with his stuff and felt that today’s task was done. Everyone took their baths and were ready as all of them had to attend their classes at Kaushalya Kendra after having lunch. Mohammed gathered the men around and began addressing them, “Everyone around us should think there is no change in our lives. Nobody must have even a shred of doubt on us, the jail guard, warden, not even our Muslim brothers who were inmates with us in our old barrack. Even a small mistake could lead us to a life that’d be worse than hell. So all of you will simply follow my instructions and by god’s grace we will be successful our plan.” Everybody began to look at each other’s faces. Mohammed continued, “I can see that Parvez and Yusuf are still scared, Yunus is worried if this plan would be successful or not, Chand and Danish are mentally broken, but I ask you all to have faith in me” He then turned toward Abu and Riyaz, “My Mallu friends here, do you have any questions?” Abu and Riyaz couldn’t understand a single word of what Mohammed had spoken, as he was speaking in chaste Gujarati that he had picked from his stay here at Sabarmati prison all these years and no one could doubt that Mohammed was actually a non-Gujarati. Mohammed the asked this question to them in Hindi, to which Riyaz responded, “You’re asking us this question after all these years?” Mohammed then said, “Riyaz it is necessary for all of us to be mentally present in this task.”

The day was no different from their usual days, except that the policemen accompanying them had been increased. Mohammed was his usual best, annoying his professor with his questions. Mohammed was trying to ensure that no one doubts him. Mohammed was only physically present in the class, but inside his mind, he was planning on how to get out of the prison.  Later in the evening after the Bapor bandi, he went and sat below the neem tree. Now that there were only eight people in this barrack, it meant that nobody else could overhear their conversations. Mohammed pulled out a paper from his pocket and everyone began looking at him. He placed the paper on the raised platform he was sitting began to speak, “There is an open space of about 10 ft behind our barrack, and it is impossible for anyone from that gate to see what is happening out there. Yunus pointed towards a segment marked on the paper and asked, Major are ypou talking about this place?” and Mohammed responded positively and continued, “There is a 10 ft long wall next to this open space and right outside this wall is a 20 ft open but internal prison road. This road is rarely used, only when some high-ranking officer is supposed to visit in their vehicles. After this road, there is 30 ft long wall which has a three ft long electric barbed wire fencing atop it with electric current running through it constantly. Outside this wall, there is the SRP jawans’ point.” Chand listened to this very closely and asked, “So how are we going to scale these two walls and the electric fencing?”