Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-59): Parvez and Yusuf were made accused in the serial blasts case, which Mohammed and his accomplices weren’t aware of because these two men were kept in a different lockup. The remand of all the cases that were filed have been over and it was clear that these accused men were not going to get bail anytime soon. Parvez and Yusuf too were in the company of Mohammed and his accomplices now, whenever they were to be taken to the court. Mohammed looked at Yunus with an expression as if inquiring with him that who were these two new men with them. Out of the six, only Chand knew Parvez and Danish knew Yusuf. Chand and Danish were surprised seeing these men traveling along with them to the court. Both Parvez and Yusuf looked glum.

Every time the accused in the blast were to appear in the court, there would heavy security presence in the court premises. This day was no different as DCP Sinha led the men into the court after their remand period had got over. The government prosecutor informed the court of the remand of the accused getting over and requested these men be sent to judicial custody. The judge asked the accused if they had anything to say, to which Mohammed stood up replied in negative. The court then ordered all the accused to be sent to judicial custody Sabarmati Central Jail. There were several Muslim people present inside the court and it was hard to make out who is who’s relative or family. The crime branch had accused Parvez of providing sim cards without document verification to the terrorists, while Yusuf was charged with providing them with the cycles to be used in the blasts.

Yusuf’s spotted a burqa-clad woman amongst the crowd inside the courtroom. She was carrying a child in her arms. Despite her face being covered, Yusuf recognized the lady, and tears began to roll down his eyes. It was his wife and the child in her arms was his daughter. Yusuf felt like breaking free of the shackles and rush to his wife and daughter, but he knew he can’t do it. He turned his face away so that his wife couldn’t see him weeping. Similarly, Parvez’s old mother too had come down to the court to see her son. Her heart was screaming out loud that her son wasn’t a terrorist, but there was no one to listen to it. She was weeping as she saw her son stand with the accused in the court. Immediately after the court gave its order, the accused were rushed out of the room, in the police-van waiting outside and it drove towards the Sabarmati Jail. Yusuf had no clue when he will get out of the jail, but deep inside, he was sure that he will get justice. As the police-van stopped outside the Sabarmati Jail entrance, Parvez shivered on seeing the tall, iron gates of the central jail. He was wondering how a small-time mobile shop vendor will spend his life behind these tall gates and walls of the prison. The men were patted down and checked well before they were given entry inside the jail. They were given an inmate number each and all were sent to a barrack. All these procedures stretched till the evening that day.

Life inside the tall walls and gates of the Sabarmati Central Jail was going to be very different from what they have lived so far. Except for Yusuf and Parvez, no one amongst the men had any remorse for being sent to prison. It was as if they had themselves written the scripts of their lives and this was a part of it. Yusuf and Parvez were sitting alone when Yunus came up to them, “Major is calling you,” he said. Unaware of whom was being referred to as Major, Yusuf, and Parvez looked puzzled. Yunus pointed towards Mohammed and said,” Mohammed Bhai is calling you two” Both the men got up apprehensively and went towards Mohammed. Danish and Chand too appeared from behind and stood by Mohammed. “What are you two accused of?” inquired Mohammed to Yusuf and Parvez.

Chand chipped in, “Major, this is Parvez, I bought the sim cards from him” and Danish added, “This one is Yusuf; I got the bicycles from him”

A surprised Mohammed asked, “The made you accused in this case simply because you sold us the sim cards and cycles?”

After a few moments of silence, Parvez took a deep breath and said, “They asked us to be a witness and give statements against you all in court, which we declined to do. They tried to persuade us, even beat us up for it, but we didn’t budge. So they made us the accused in the case.”

“You two are idiots!” scolded Mohammed, upon hearing this. “Who was stopping you from being a witness? Had you asked me, I’d have advised to go ahead and become witnesses. My dear friends, you are being made accused of something that has no connections with you.”

There was silence amongst the men for a few moments and everyone had their eyes trained towards Mohammed, who broke the silence and said, “Whatever we did was in with our conscious minds and we knew our fate of being hanged to death at the end and we are not even remorseful about it. But you two are still young, and you both have no connections with the blasts, and still, you have come here to meet our fate for no fault of yours.” Parvez and Yusuf were now feeling sorry about their decision, they wished that had they met Mohammed before when the police were urging them to become witnesses, they might not have faced this day. But it was too late now. Mohammed went into deep thought for a couple of minutes and said, “Yunus, we are not going to get bail even from the Supreme Court of India, but let’s get these two kids out of here, as they are here for no fault of theirs. I’ll get them bail. Parvez began to cry and thanked Mohammed with folded hands. Mohammed in return got up and hugged him. “Don’t cry, Allah Talah will take care of everything. I will get you bail and you will be meeting your families soon, I promise you this,” said Mohammed to them. As Mohammed finished his sentence, the sound of azaan or the prayer call from a mosque nearby could be heard.