Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-57): DCP Sinha was furious about the fact that Mohammed was taking advantage of his law degree, but he too was taking every step as a calculated risk. The DCP once again got Mohammed to lie on a bench and thrashed him to make him give out information about Naseeruddin, Hafeez, Salim, and Nooru. He was even made to hang upside down, but Mohammed didn't crack. What was surprising, is when Mohammed's lawyer came to meet him and saw the bruises on his body, he inquired if the police beat him, but Mohammed declined. He instead said that those injuries were from a fall from the stairs. Mohammed didn't wish to complain against the police, not because he was scared of them, but being a criminal lawyer, he knew that it was a useless exercise. Sinha was disappointed by being unable to get information out of Mohammed. He realized that now he will have found new ways to reach Naseeruddin and others. DCP Sinha was angry over the fact that he and his men have to work day and night just to ensure that these accused are hanged to death. Everyone had confessed to their crime and roles in the serial blasts, except Mohammed. The crime branch was conducting remands on each and every case filed against them. That the police had two very important men, Parvez and Yusuf and they're being kept with the crime branch, only the DCP was aware of it. He now decided that he will use this master card.

That day, he called in Parvez to his office first. Looking quite relaxed, he asked Parvez to sit and got him some coffee. Parvez started the conversation by asking when he would be allowed to go back home as it had been three months and he hasn't worked a single day. Sinha responded, "Why are worrying, son? I have been ensuring that your family gets monetarily compensated for the loss of business every month." Parvez was silent for a few moments, later he said, "Sir, I don't like it that you have been sending money to my family. I don't even have any connections with these blasts." Sinha was unhappy with Parvez's complaining. So he decided to come straight to the point, without mincing any words. "Look, Parvez, you believe you haven't done anything wrong?" asked Sinha and Parvez shook his head in agreement. "So you also believe that the people who conducted these blasts weren't good people?" Parvez shook his head again in agreement. "Good! I was expecting this from you. So I'll have Jadeja to meet you and record your statement, and then you can go home tomorrow." Hearing this, Parvez was extremely happy and he enthusiastically asked, "So when can I give my statement?"  Sinha calmed him down and said that they'll do it today itself, I'll inform Jadeja about the same. Sinha similarly convinced Yusuf too to provide his statement. When Yusuf got to know that he too will be allowed to return home, he said, "Sir, my daughter Mumtaz was born recently and I haven't seen her for days. I am not sure if she'd even recognize me." Sinha laughed upon hearing this and said "I too have a daughter, I can understand. Don't worry she will recognize you. Now you go and meet Jadeja to record your statement so you can leave tomorrow. If we need anything, we will call you.

Parvez and Yusuf left to go to Jadeja's office. Sinha had telephoned Jadeja to inform him about recording the statements of the two men. As Jadeja began to jot down the statements, Parvez asked, "Sir will I have to come to court?" Jadeja replied, "Yes because you are our witness in this case" Parvez was shocked to hear this. "Sir I have no connections to the blasts, I simply spoke the truth about whatever was asked of me. Then why am I being made a witness in this case?" asked Parvez. Jadeja explained, "Parvez you say you have no connections with the blasts, true... But you had sold the accused, sim cards that were used during the blasts, so you will have to give the same statement that you are about to record here with me." As Jadeja lifted his pen and began to write again, he noticed that Parvez had gone silent. As Jadeja looked at Parvez, he said, "Sir, I'll have to take someone's advice before I give my statement." Jadeja put down his pen and in a stern voice, he asked, "Whose advice?" Parvez looked down for few moments and then looked up, "My lawyer's advice" Jadeja was shocked on hearing this. Three months ago when a handicapped Parvez was brought into the crime branch, he was trembling like a leaf, and today here he was, speaking like a seasoned criminal. As Parvez declined to record his statement, Jadeja now looked at Yusuf and said, "Shall we record your statement?"

AS Jadeja and Parvez were in conversation, Yusuf was into deep thoughts. Jadeja had explained it to him that he is supposed to record the statement about how Danish had come to his shop to buy the bicycles. But when he saw Parvez deny from giving a statement, Yusuf too mustered up some courage. He too said that he wishes to speak to a lawyer before giving his statement. Jadeja was seething with anger upon hearing this. Had this been his case, Jadeja would have whacked both of them. But because it was DCP Sinha's case, he was following the orders of his senior and ensuring that the men are taken care of. Jadeja went to Sinha to talk to him about what the men spoke. Sinha was equally surprised. He hadn't even imagined that these young men would decline from giving statements. After a few minutes of thinking, Sinha said, "Jadeja... Try to explain to these young men, the gravity of the situation and become our witnesses. I don't wish to spoil their futures. Tell them that by not agreeing to be our witness, they are pushing themselves into a gorge. Nobody is trying to cause them any harm by purpose, but if they don't fall by our line, I won't think twice before causing them lifetime damage." Jadeja, who has been working with Sinha for many years, had understood the veiled threat that his senior had made to be conveyed to the two men.