Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-56): After Danish's confession, he too was locked up in a different cell similar to Chand's. The picture was now clear for DCP Sinha that Chand-Danish, Abu-Riyaz, and Yunus were mere pawns in this whole conspiracy, and the real brains behind it were Naseeruddin and Mohammed, or maybe there are hidden faces behind them too. Even an educated person can be brainwashed to do things in the name of religion and jihad. Mohammed too was an educated and practicing lawyer, yet his higher education couldn't stop his mind from being converted into a hardline religious fanatic. Sinha thought now he should speak to Mohammed next, but in a different manner, because if there was anyone who was mentally and physically strong amongst the six terrorists, it was Mohammed. So when Mohammed entered DCP's office, Sinha offered him a chair to sit rather than making him sit on the floor like they did to the other two. "Mohammed would like some tea or coffee?" asked Sinha. "Tea," replied Mohammed and DCP Sinha instructed one of the constables to get them two cups of tea. Sinha began the conversation before the tea was brought in, "So you are a graduate in which stream?" "BA with History" responded Mohammed.

"Oh, so I am sure you have studied the Indian history too," said Sinha with a chuckle.


"In which year did you finish your LLB?"

"1988, from Delhi Law College" responded Mohammed after a second of thought.

As the constable came in tea, DCP Sinha took the tray from him and instructed him to leave. He then placed a cup in front of Mohammed and took one for himself. "Look, Mohammed, two of your accomplices have cracked and told us everything," said Sinha as he took a sip from his cup while standing beside Mohammed, who looked up with a faint smile, as if not believing what he just heard. "We know everything, that Chand bought the sim cards, Danish got the cycles, Naseeruddin arranged for your stay, Hafeez made the bombs and Salim-Nooru were the ones who placed to car bombs at the two hospitals," clarified Sinha. Upon hearing this, Mohammed put back the cup from which he was to take a sip of his tea and began to run his fingers through the edge of the cup, sitting silently. "So Mohammed, I think we must get talking now" said DCP Sinha. "Now that you know everything, what am I supposed to tell you?" said Mohammed. The DCP, in order to show his authority to Mohammed that it is his office and he will do whatever he wants and make anyone speak, he walked up and sat at the edge of the table, next to Mohammed and said, "I want to hear it from your mouth." Mohammed looked up on the rotating fan at the ceiling, after a moment of silence, he looked at the DCP and stressing on each word, he said "I had said, I don't know anything.. and I will continue saying so" This angered Sinha so much that he felt like giving hard slap across Mohammed's face, but he took a deep breath in and out, got down from the table and went behind Mohammed. Placing his hands on Mohammed's shoulders, he said: "You're a lawyer, do I really have to inform you that I have other ways and means to make you speak?" Mohammed didn't speak a word in response.

Strolling across his office, DCP Sinha continued "I want Naseeruddin, Hafeez, Salim, and Nooru." Mohammed maintained his stoic silence. Hardening his voice, Sinha said, "Remaining silent is not going to help you, and I think in this manner, you're testing my patience" Mohammed simply gave a look at DCP, who continued to talk, "I think you're insulting me by not answering my questions" Mohammed still didn't answer. The DCP went behind Mohammed and held Mohammed's hair and pulled it with great force, "Tell me, Mohammed, where is Naseeruddin? I want him!" thundered Sinha. Mohammed was shaken by the force, his head was paining as Sinha was still clutching on to his hair. With a violent tug, Sinha pushed away Mohammed's head and went back to his chair. "Tell me, Mohammed, where can I find Hafeez?" said Sinha, slamming his fist on his desk in anger." Placing his hand on the back of his head due to the pain, Mohammed said, "Sir, The law says I have the right to remain silent." "Oh yes! I completely forgot, you are a lawyer, you know the rights this law gives you" said Sinha sarcastically. After a moment of calm, Sinha asked, "Why did you do this?"

"Sir, this is jihad" answered Mohammed, with a strange sense of confidence, which the DCP took note of. "Do you even know the meaning of Jihad? I have studied Islam too. Jihad means to fight the evil, the one inside us. You killed innocent people in the name of jihad. Jihad means to fight for the incapable, but not a single drop of any innocent's blood must be shed in this jihad. He is not a Muslim who sheds the blood of the innocent in this fight. You've been killing so many innocent people in the name of jihad, you think you will be going to heaven? You don't even deserve hell," spoke Sinha as he looked straight into Mohammed's eyes. "In that case, even the ones who died in the 2002 riots were also innocent people sir" responded Mohammed.

This is the 56th part of the serialized novel 'Deewal, the story of Sabarmati jailbreak attempt' by Prashant Dayal, the editor of MeraNews.