Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-55): The biggest question in front of DCP was that where did the bombs come from. When he asked this question to Danish, he claimed that even they weren't aware of the plans for blasts until a week before it. "When I was asked to arrange for the cycles, even I was wondering what would they need cycles for. I tried to ask Major about this, but he would jokingly say that they are going to race with it. He then told me that Each one of you must not know more than what you need to. This was a clear sign for me that I shouldn't ask any more questions. When we arrived a week before the blasts in Ahmedabad, we were taken to Yakubnagar, where we're supposed to stay and our food was brought in from outside," as Danish was narrating this, a visibly peeved Sinha interrupted him and said, "Just tell me where did you get the bombs from." Danish said that he was coming to it and continued, "Three days before the blasts, three men came to Yakubnagar. Nooru, Salim, and Hafiz, who brought in three cars with them. Nooru and Salim left, leaving the car behind while Hafiz stayed back with us. He had brought in a huge bag with him. He would never talk to us, but only with Major sahib. Hafiz got down to work after coming down to Yukubnagar. He had wooden boxes, ball bearings, nails, some black colored powder, wires and clocks with him. For the next two days, he would fit these things to each wooden box. We couldn't understand what he was doing, he would never venture out and even his food would be brought to his room by Major sahib."

"One day before the blasts, Major sahib took all of us out to some riverbank whose name I can't recall. Hafiz, who was with us too, made us stand a little away and he went some distance to place something on the ground and then returned. After five minutes, there was an explosion, and Major sahib and Hafiz became very happy. Major said that now the bomb is ready and we will conduct the blasts tomorrow. The next day Nooru and Salim came back with two small gas cylinders, which Hafiz then fitted with the bombs and placed them in the cars they had brought in a couple of days ago. Hafiz instructed them to take these cars with them and leave, I have no clue where they took the car or where they are. Hafiz too left later that morning after handing over everything to Major sahib. That afternoon we all went to Kalupur in rickshaws, as we had kept the cycles there. We placed one bomb each in a cloth bag, which was then fitted on the carrier of each bicycle and then parked them at different locations. Major had instructed us that we should finish our tasks by 5 PM or else we too would leave for our heavenly abode. We were supposed to make a phone call to Major after we finished our tasks, for which we were handed over a new sim card each that morning. When we called up Major to inform that we have finished our tasks, he instructed us to reach Ahmedabad Railway Station. I had no idea were supposed to leave the city, it was upon reaching the station, we realized that Major was waiting for us with our train tickets. He informed us that we have to leave the city right away and as soon as we boarded the train, we saw the news flash on TV that said serial blasts have happened in Ahmedabad." The way Danish was narrating the whole story, it sounded like that of a film script. Sinha now had several questions in his head, which he now began to ask Danish, "You said you were five people, but there were 20 bicycles. So you five men placed 20 bicycles at places?" Danish began to laugh, "Sir, we are not supermen. I took turns in placing three bicycles at places, but a tempo truck was arranged to get the other bicycles transported. I am not aware who did that."

Sinha asked Danish to continue narrating the events, and Danish began to speak again, "Sir Chand and I left for Hyderabad after reaching Mumbai, Major and Yunus went to Bhopal while Abu and Riyaz reached Kerala. Major had instructed us not to speak to each other on phone calls, but frankly speaking, we didn't have anyone's number except that of Chand. "

"Weren't you afraid of getting caught?" asked Sinha

"No, sir. We trusted Major sahib, who claimed that even the foreign police won't be able to catch us, let aside Indian police."

"Every accused says so" muttered Sinha under his breath as his laughed in his thoughts. The interrogation of Chand went on for four hours, their minds had gone numb hearing the gory details of the blasts. "Danish don't you have any repentance for what you have done?" asked Sinha, to which Danish replied after some thought, "Truth to be told, had I not watched those 2002 riots videos, I might have repented my actions. But I believe that whatever I have done for jihad, is in true faith" Sinha again asked, "Ever thought what is going to happen to you now?" Danish began to laugh hearing this question, which angered Jadeja. He clenched his fist landed a hard blow on Danish's back. A surprised Sinha immediately held Jadeja's wrist and signaled Jadeja not to do it. Danish sat up straight after the impact of the blow bent him a bit, and said: "Major sahib is a lawyer, he informed us that nothing more can happen to us other than being hanged to death." Danish looked at Sinha and said, "Sir you do your work, I have no enmity with you. You are a government servant, you follow your government's instructions. You are never going to view the 2002 riots from our viewpoint. Had your police even tried to protect our community, we wouldn't be sitting in front of you like this." Sinha looked at Danish and realized that these men are not to be brushed off as just religious fanatics, but they committed this horrific crime with complete consciousness and intent.

This is the 55th part of the serialized novel ‘Deewal, the story of Sabarmati Jailbreak Attempt’ by Prashant Dayal, the editor of MeraNews