Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-52): DCP Sinha and inspector Jadeja had left for home at 5 AM next morning, but while leaving, Jadeja had instructed his staff to be at work 10 AM. Nobody knew why did he call everyone this early to work. He too arrived at crime branch at 10 and began to quickly finish off his routine work, signing case papers, etc. Right after he was done, he called for his vehicle and two others, and left for Dariapur along with a sub-inspector and few cops in it. They reached Tambu Chowky in Dariapur and Jadeja asks someone for directions to a certain address. The man points towards a cycle shop nearby. Jadeja goes up to the cyle shop and asks the old man sitting in it, "Who is Yusuf?" The old man looked confused and terrified by seeing these many policemen land in front of his shop. Jadeja repeated his question, to which the old man pointed towards a youngster working inside the shop.Jadeja immediately caught hold of him, put him in his  car and left. All through the way, Yusuf kept asking the cops why did they pick him up and what is his crime. Jadeja nor the policemen inside the car spoke a word. Yusuf began to eep after sometime, which caught Jadeja's attention a couple of times,  but the chose to ignore it. As he was brought into crime branch, Yusuf was taken to large hall upstairs and made to sit. "Look after this lad," instructed Jadeja to the SRP jawan standing guard at the hall and left. Yusuf saw there were about 5 to 7 men just like him inside the hall. After an hour or so, Yusuf had calmed down a bit after the quick succession of events that happened with him that morning. The person sitting next to Yusuf asked him, "Why are you here?" Yusuf didn't understand what the question meant. The person repeated his question again, this time in Gujarati, "What crime are you in for?" "I don't know," said Yusuf. The person began to laugh and said "Seems like you've been brought here for the first time, you'll be habituated with this slowly" Yusuf didn't like the tone and the statement that this person spoke to him.

After some time, one of the men in the room signaled to the SRP jawan with his hands that he wants to go to the loo. The jawan got up, slung his rifle on his shoulder and asked, "Who all wants to go to the toilet?" Everyone except Yusuf raised his hand. "You don't want to go?" asked the jawan, to which Yusuf declined. The jawan got angry and thundered, "Get up and come... I won't take you to the loo later if you ask" Yusuf was surprised how he is being forced to go to the toilet. The men got up and stood in a line and held each others shirt, just like small kids would play train by forming a chain. Yusuf looked clueless, to which the person standing behind him informed him to hold the shirt of the guy ahead of him. They were made to get down the flight of stairs on the floor below the bathroom, with the SRP jawan right behind them at last. Everyone went into the loo one by one and then returned back to the hall in a similar manner to how they had gone downstairs. All this was quite surprising for Yusuf, a 21-year old fellow with short built. In the afternoon, a constable brought something that looked like a food-packet. It contained potato subzi and puris. Yusuf couldn't eat this kind of food, but he was scared so he ate it somehow. He was still wondering why was he brought to the crime branch without telling him or asking him anything. He fell asleep after some time, but it was broken after a constable shook him out of it. "Come, Sahib is calling you," said the constable. For Yusuf, everyone here was a sahib, so he was wondering which of them has now summoned him. He was brought down to the ground floor, he could read all the signs on the walls and doors as he was educated.

"DCP Crime HK Sinha" read the nameplate outside one of the doors of the office, outside which he was made to stand. The constable who had gone inside came out and instructed him to go in. As Yusuf walked in, he saw Sinha was working on his computer, who only looked up to acknowledge him. Yusuf had gone in terrified, but seeing Sinha, his fright had lessened to a great extent. Sinha didn't have a terrifying look on his face, but a rather calm and peaceful expression. After about five minutes, Sinha finished his work and asked: "What is your name son?" Yusuf looked very surprised and also felt good upon being addressed like that. The policemen who had come to pick him up had not even spoken a word to him, but Sinha was actually talking to him. "My name is Yusuf," he said

"Where do you live?" asked Sinha after giving a close look at Yusuf.

"Sir, Dariapur"

"What work do you do?"

"Sir I have a cycle repair shop near Tambu chowky, I work there along with my father"

Sinha began to walk around the room as he continued to talk, "Do people come to buy bicycles from your shop?"

"Sir we only do repairs on cycles," said Yusuf

"So you don't really sell bicycles?" asked Sinha, who paused for a moment after Yusuf's answer.

Yusuf began to clarify, "Sir if someone has an old cycle to sell and if there is a buyer for it, we simply add about 25 to 30 rupees to the sale price and sell it"

"So how many cycles have you sold so far son?" Yusuf began to think hard even as Sinha looked on. "I don't really remember, sir" Sinha then inquired if he notes down the names and addresses of people who come down to his shop to buy cycles. Yusuf found the question funny as who'd need verification for a product costing mere 200-300 rupees, but he didn't show it on his face. "We don't keep any records as such, sir," said Yusuf. DCP Sinha continued walking around the room and asked, "Did someone buy about 5 to 10 bicycles from you?" As Yusuf began to think hard, Sinha added "Quite recently, say 2 months ago" Yusuf said that he doesn't remember any such sale. Sinha came close to Yusuf and said, "Son, it would be very helpful if you could remember anything like this." Even Yusuf though he should try to recall hard if it could be helpful for the police. Yusuf began to scratch his head, which was his habit whenever he tried to remember something.