Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-51): It was 30 minutes past midnight and most of the inspectors and their staff had left upon instructions from the DCP. The SRP jawans were standing guard outside the crome branch building as per their shifts, while the DCP's commando, wireless operator, and driver we chatting away their time. Only inspector Jadeja and DCP Sinha were working on the case. Jadeja came out of the room and asked the guard outside to bring in Chand from the lockup. As the commando came up to the lockup, the constable sitting was almost asleep. He'd open his eyes only to check if Chand is still standing and has not moved from his position. The commando conveyed the instruction from Jadeja to bring out Chand. As the constables brought in Chand to the office, they saw that DCP Sinha was smoking a cigarette and he instructed the cops to move out. Sinha had a wily smile on his face, while Jadeja looked on as he was seated on his chair. The DCP walked up to Chand and gave hard press on one of Chand's thighs, who howled in pain. "Painful, isn't it?" asked Sinha. Chand shook his head in agreement. "Then why don't you speak up everything you know? You not only causing trouble for yourself but to us also," said the DCP. Chand was weeping as he looked at DCP Sinha. Wiping off his tears with the sleeve of his shirt, he said "Sir I really don't know anything. What am I supposed to tell you when I have no clue about what you are asking?"

Jadeja, anyone can be fooled by his face. Going by his face value, we should let him go, right? Very good actor!" said, Sinha, as he and Jadeja exchanged wily smiles.

DCP Sinha went back to his chair and said, "Okay let's say we believe you. We believe you don't know anything. But, now allow us to show what do we know. You really think we know nothing about you?" Chand remained silent as he kept switching his body weight from one foot to another due to the pain on his soles.

"The feet pains, right?" asked Sinha. Chand nodded in agreement.

"Sit down, don't worry. Sit" Chand looked worried a bit, but then sat on the ground, legs folded. "Now we are going to show you a film, watch it and please tell us if you liked it or not," said the DCP with a tinge of sarcasm in his tone. Sinha hit start on the footage that was already loaded in his computer. He moved aside as Chand looked at the screen. As the footage played, his face began to pale and slightly horrified at what he just saw. The DCP and Jadeja began to laugh as they saw Chand's expression change this fast while watching the footage.The footage of the CCTV camera recording outside the mosque near Amber Towers. In the footage, Chand and Parvez could be clearly seen inside the mosque and about half an hour later come out and getting separated after a hug. Chand began to sweat profusely inside the air-conditioned office of Sinha. The footage got over and Sinha pulled up a chair next to Chand and placing a hand on his shoulder he said, "So Chand, how was the film?" Shopkeeper Parvez had previously identified Chand as the person who had come to his shop to buy sim cards and had accompanied him to the mosque for namaz, which Chand had denied and had claimed that he had never come to Ahmedabad, let aside meeting Parvez.

An enraged Sinha held Chand's hair and shook him violently "You bastard! Killing poor men and women in the name of Islam!" and landed a hard slap on Chand's face. Chand broke down and couldn't stop his tears. A seething DCP got up, lighted a cigarette and went near his window to smoke. "Jadeja, you talk to this fellow, I might end up murdering him" instructed DCP Sinha to inspector Jadeja. "You saw the video, now speak up! when did you visit Ahmedabad first?" thundered Jadeja as he pulled a chair next to Chand, who was now left with no option but to speak the truth. He began to narrate everything that took place before the blasts. "I came to Ahmedabad two months ago with Yunus, where we met Major sahib for the first time." The DCP turned around upon hearing the term Major. Chand understood that the cops had no clue about this pseudonym, he explained that Mohammed was addressed as Major by the other men. Chand continued, "We stayed in the city for a week, our job was to hire some Gujarati boys to get the task done. But we didn't like any of them who met us and were willing to do the job. It was Naseeruddin sahib who took us around the city and we saw he commanded great respect from people here. He informed us that all the arrangements we require would be made in the city itself. After a week, I returned to Hyderabad, while Mohammed and Yunus traveled to Bhopal. Major had told us that he didn't wish to work with the Gujarati boys here as they were weak and weren't willing to fight even after what was done to them in 2002. He informed us that he will arrange for other men to conduct the tasks and I should wait for my next instruction to come to Ahmedabad. About a week before the blasts, I got a call from Major who informed me that I should travel to Ahmedabad with a person named Danish. I had never met him before, but it was upon arrival in the city, I got to know that he has been to Ahmedabad before a few times for some work and he knew Naseeruddin very well.