Prashant Dayal, (Deewal Part- 50 ): Every single vein on Chand’s legs were getting stretched due to his punishment and his body was in pain with constant beatings by the policemen. Every time he’d fall down, the cops inside his cell would whack him with their sticks and then make him stand up again in the same painful position. “Oh Miya, why don’t you confess everything? I’ll take you to the DCP if you wish to,” said one of the cops in Chand’s cell, but Chand didn’t utter a word. Jadeja too dropped by Chand’s cell to check up on him. Upon inquiring if he is ready to confess, the policemen declined. To which Jadeja picked up the stick gave 2-3 hard whacks on Chand’s legs which made him fall down to the ground again. Jadeja was an old-school policeman who believed the only way to make a person confess to his crime is by thrashing black and blue. But DCP Sinha had understood the fact that these suspects were trained not to crack under thrashings, and thus Chand was made to stand the whole day in a painful position without. Chand was wailing in pain as he lay on the ground, “Sir why are you hitting me so much” asked Chand. “Look, Miya, speak up... You still have time. If I get angry, I will shoot you dead!” said Jadeja. Chand was still weeping. As Jadeja was leaving, he ordered the cops to make him stand up again. Chand was given only some water to drink since morning, but no food as the DCP had ordered he shouldn’t be given even morsel of food.

The whole day passed by in the same manner, sometimes Chand would fall, get his share of whackings, only to be made to stand up again in the same painful position. Even the policemen were tired of this and were wondering if it is the suspect or them who are being subjected to punishment as they have sat inside the lock the whole day. The cops would take out their anger on Chand every time he fell or tried to stand straight. This kind of punishment makes suspects crack within a couple of hours, but Chand was different, he suffered through the pain during the whole day. Even the cops began to wonder if Chand actually knew nothing and was being subjected to this torture needlessly. It became dark now and Chand’s limbs were trembling with the painful position it has been the whole day and not being given any food to provide energy to him. His eyes began to shut due to tiredness and now he just wanted to lay down and sleep, but he knew he couldn’t even move under the watchful eyes of the cops present in his cell. He was not ready to confess even after the physical torture he was subjected to since morning. The policemen noticed that Chand’s eyes were shutting slowly, he went outside and returned with a bucket of water and a mug. Chand wondered why did they bring that into the cell. An hour passed and now it was near to impossible for Chand to stay awake, it felt as if weights of hundreds of kilos were pulling his eyelids down.

At one point, Chand’s eyes shut for five minutes straight. And then he felt something splash on his face with brute force and he was completely drenched. It was the constable, who splashed some water on Chand’s face when he saw that Chand has shut his eyes to sleep. This will now keep him awake for about an hour or so. As if making him stand with his legs and arms stretched the whole day wasn’t enough, this was a new punishment added to his quota, where everytime his eyes would shut, the cop would splash some water on his face. Even though there was no nip in the air, the constant water-splashes on him had drenched his body completely and that made him very uncomfortable. After some time, he signaled to one of the constables that he wishes to go to the loo. They tried to take him out but he couldn’t take a step ahead. The blood flow to his feet had almost stopped and had gone numb. He had suffered a lot of physical torture in the last 24 hours, as he was thrashed the previous night and then made to stand in a T-position for the whole day with no food or sleep.


Meanwhile, Jadeja just walked into DCP Sinha’s chamber, he showed a pen drive to him and informed that this the footage of the CCTV camera installed near the mosque in Juhapura. Plugging it into his computer, the DCP asked, “Have you seen this footage?” “No sir, I brought it straight away to you,” said Jadeja. They began to watch the footage on DCP’s computer; most of the footage seemed to be of no use to them. The DCP would keep playing it on fast forward and sometimes take it back a bit. Jadeja had no clue what was the DCP looking for. Sinha too found this job very boring, but because Jadeja would complete every single task given to him, he too would not mind going through the grind a bit. Sinha was looking at every scene with great concentration. Sometimes he would pause, sometimes fast forward it and pause again. He reversed a couple of scenes and something caught his eye which made him stand up from his chair. Jadeja looked on, confused on what had startled his boss. Sinha turned the monitor towards Jadeja and played the footage again from the part where he had paused. Sinha began to note the change of expression on his subordinate's face and see if he too noticed the same thing which he did in the footage. Jadeja would look with deep concentration as the footage played. Sometimes he’d shrink his eyes a bit to look at something minute, sometime his face would show eagerness to what happens next. And then he spotted something which made him stand up from his chair too. Sinha paused that bit and both the policemen looked at each other, in disbelief and what they just found out from the footage. Their heartbeats had just gotten faster.