Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-48): The next day, DCP Sinha was in a better mood compared to the previous days. He was convinced that their investigation was going in the right direction, even though they were yet to establish a few more crucial links in the case. Since Parvez recognized Chand, they can now interrogate him further. The DCP understood one thing well, that these six suspects were hardcore and have prepared themselves to suffer through the beatings. He realized that now they'll have to change their methods of interrogation. Only physical torture won't make them crack but they'd have to be put through mental torture too. Parvez proved to be very valuable for the crime branch and they'd decided to work with him in digging out more information about the blasts. The police have to be hard on some and go soft on some people like they were with Parvez. The DCP called in Jadeja after reaching his office. Jadeja looked tired. The DCP inquired on what's the matter, but Jadeja tried to brush it off saying it's just nothing. It seemed as if Jadeja was trying to hide something. The DCP inquired again, "Jadeja... What is it? Tell me. Maybe I can help" Jadeja was silent. He didn't speak a word but tears welled up in his eyes. Sinha noticed this and passed a glass of water that was placed on his table. He got up from his seat, went and stood behind the chair on which Jadeja was sitting. He placed his hands on Jadeja's shoulders and said, "Look. You can tell me what is it. We work together, but we are like family, right?"

Wiping away his tears, Jadeja informed Sinha that his mother is suffering from cancer and her health had deteriorated last evening and he had visited his village after leaving work. She is not doing well. "You could have stayed put over there," said Sinha. Jadeja took a deep breath and said that his brother and his father are there in the village to take care of her and anyway he could not have done anything by staying there. My father had called last evening informing that mother wanted to meet me so I should come down and see her once" Sinha looked at Jadeja in surprise, "You could have told me this last evening. I would have let you leave early. But you didn't inform and even stayed put in the office till late night!" Jadeja said, "Sir at a time when we're working on a blast case, and it won't look good if I come up to you and tell you my personal problems"

"Jadeja you should take 3-4 days off and go visit your mother in the village. I'll take care of the investigation over here. Work will come and go, but you have only one mother" said Sinha. The commando brought in a cup of coffee for Sinha, who picked it up from the tray and placed it in front of Jadeja. "Sir I met Parvez this morning, was praising you. I sent Rs10,000 to his house" said Jadeja and Sinha laughed. "But sir he was inquiring when are we going to let him go?" Sinha began to explain his strategy, "Look Jadeja, in cases like this we will come across many circumstantial pieces of evidence, but very few human witnesses.Chand went to Juhapura to buy sim cards which were then used in the blasts, Parvez can testify this for us in the court. But we won't tell about this now, and thus I sent some money to his house, to take this fellow into confidence." Jadeja was impressed as such a thought had not even crossed his mind. "Get Parvez in," said Sinha and Jadeja went out to get Parvez.

Parvez walks in, with joined palms he greets Sinha, "Good morning sir"

A delighted Sinha pointed towards Jadeja and joked, "I hope this officer didn't trouble you much?"

"No.. No.. Jadeja sir is a very good man," said Parvez. Jadeja burst out laughing upon hearing this. "You've had something to eat?" inquired Sinha

"Yes sir, Jadeja sir just got me some tea and snacks," said Parvez. Sinha came up to Parvez and placing his hand on his shoulder, pointed towards the chair, "Come on, sit" Parvez was taken by surprise when Sinha offered him a chair to sit. So far he was made to sit on the floor in the crime branch. Sinha gain insisted that Parvez sit on a chair. and then he went and sat on his. "You are perfectly sure that it was Chand who had come to your shop to buy those sim cards?" asked Sinha

Parvez looked at Sinha's and Jadeja's faces wondering if they trust his words. He began to speak, "Sir I perfectly remember him. It was Jumma and this man wanted to buy sim cards but had no documents on him. He said he will bring them the next day. I too was in a hurry as I wanted to go to the mosque for the evening prayers. He saw me hurriedly pull out my skull cap and asked me if there is a mosque nearby, to which I informed him that there is one near Amber Tower. He said he too wanted to offer namaz and would accompany me. We talked a bit on the way. I asked him twice about where he belongs to, but he kept of avoiding my question. After namaz, he left promising to return the next day with the documents, but he didn't."

"Which mosque?"

"The one near Amber Tower"

Sinha wrote it down on a piece of paper on his table and instructed Jadeja to take Parvez out of the room, which he did. "Go check around this place near Amber tower if there is a mosque. Also, find out if there are any CCTV cameras around this place. If we can have a footage which has Chand in it, we can establish the fact that all these men were here in Ahmedabad."