Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-47): It was 11 PM and all of them, mentally exhausted, had gone to sleep in the lockup. Only Mohammed was lying awake, playing out sequences in his mind about what will happen next. He has never gone wrong on his calculated predictions. Meanwhile, he heard the lock of their cell open. There were about 4-5 police standing at the door. One of them shouted, "Wake up! Sir is calling you all." Mohammed sat up and saw that everyone around him were fast asleep. He shook Yunus to wake him up, "Wake up, they've called us in". Yunus got up rubbing his eyes and couldn't understand what was happening. As Mohammed pointed towards the policemen at the door, Yunus too sat up and then woke the other up from their sleep too. They all stood up and walked out of the cell. As they got out, the policemen held them by the waist of their pants, something which Mohammed didn't like. Being a criminal lawyer himself, he has seen the way policemen take away accused men, but had never expected himself to be subjected to it ever. But this was not the right time for him to express his displeasure. The cops made them stand in a line out in the crime branch campus. It was dark and only a halogen lamp shone from the side.

There was a bench in the middle of the campus, with a few lathi-wielding policemen around it. One of them ran towards the DCP's office as the saw them six men being brought here. He came out accompanied by DCP Sinha and inspector Jadeja, both wielding lathis in their hand. The DCP gave a hard look on each one of them, everyone except Mohammed looked down. "Look Mr.Lawyer, the time for sweet talk and compassion has passed, now I am giving you a last chance. Speak up or else you are well aware of the language which we are going to use now," Said Sinha. Mohammed responded by saying that they don't know anything, they have no connections to the blasts and they have never been to this city before. As soon as Mohammed finished his sentence, DCP said, "Jadeja, lay him down on the bench" Four policemen immediately caught hold of Mohammed and forced him to lay on the bench with his chest down. Two each held his hands from both sides while another cop sat on Mohammed's waist and held his feet. As the DCP raised his lathi, a couple of policemen moved aside. With a swift swing, Sinha gave a hard whack beneath Mohammed's feet, who cried out in pain. But he shut his eyes and prepared himself mentally to suffer the pain. The DCP hit Mohammed about 25 times at the same place as before, but only the sound of the lathis hitting his feet could be heard, Mohammed didn't even whimper. The DCP began panting for breath and was sweating profusely after thrashing Mohammed.

He went up to Mohammed's head and pulled his hair up and asked, "Mohammed, you have anything to say?" Mohammed was completely exhausted with the thrashing, he gathered some energy and said, "Sir, we know nothing" Sinha looked at Jadeja, who now took his turn in whacking Mohammed. A tough nut, Mohammed didn't crack. DCP Sinha instructed the policemen to make Mohammed stand up and walk around because the blood on the sole begins to clot after so many blows to it. The reason why policemen prefer hitting the accused on their feet during their interrogation sessions is that of the bruises aren't visible on the sole. It was Yunus' turn now, he was similarly made to lie on the bench and the cops began to hit him. Yunus couldn't bear the pain and would cry out loud, but he too didn't crack. DCP Sinha was examining the expressions on the other suspect's faces and noted that the weakest of them all was Chand and Danish. After Yunus, it was now the turn of Abu and Riyaz. They too were given a sound thrashing, but similar to Mohammed and Yunus, they too didn't change their stance. Chand broke down and began pleading to Sinha with his palms joined, "Sir trust me, I don't know anything" "I have no trust on you, that is why I am asking you all to confess the truth," said DCP Sinha. Chand was made to lie down on the bench. Every whack on his feet gave out louder wails, but he and Danish both didn't crack even though they were the weakest of all.

"Bring Parvez," ordered Sinha. Jadeja was expecting Parvez to get a sound thrashing too, instead, the DCP kept a hand on Parvez's shoulder and said, "Look at these men closely son. Who amongst them had come to your shop to buy the sim cards?" Parvez took turns to look at each one of the suspects. He then looked at Sinha and muttered in a feeble voice, "Sir, the person standing third in line" It was Chand. Sinha ordered all the inmates except Chand to be taken back to the lockup. As Jadeja was taking the men away, Sinha thanked Parvez and said "Jadeja, keep Parvez in your office and not in the lock-up. His shop has been shut for many days, so send Rs10,000 to his house. We'll talk later in the morning. Ensure that Chand doesn't speak of making any sort of communication with his accomplices." The DCP began to leave, and Jadeja stood there wondering that what was his boss planning and which direction he is taking this investigation to.