Prashant Dayal (Deewal part-46): It was 9:30 PM and Sinha just got up having his dinner. He stood by the window in his office with a cigarette. He was lost in thought amongst the cloud of cigarette smokes. He spoke to the suspects in the hall. A futile first attempt as all of them was sticking to the same statements. Each one of the claimed that they've never been to Ahmedabad before, they have no connection with the blasts and that they're devout Muslims who feared Allah. Sinha knew that these are hardcore and well trained not to crack under pressure. They'll have to be given a sound thrashing to have them open their mouths. But still, Sinha made attempts to have conversations with them, to try to know more about them. Sinha was aware that the sharpest and most wily of all the six were Mohammed from Bhopal. He was a lawyer by profession, and knew the law well, which makes him the hardest to crack. Sinha knew he will have to convince them well that the crime branch has very strong evidence to nail the six, and thus befool them into speaking out the truth. Mohammed had no clue if the crime branch had any evidence to nail him and his accomplices in the blasts. Sinha had thought that he would be able to convince the suspects easily of the bluff that he had all the needed proofs to convict them, but he was wrong. The suspects were well trained and their facial expression spoke "We know you have no proofs and no matter what, we're sure you couldn't do anything to us"

After the long but unsuccessful interrogation, Sinha ordered them to be sent back to the lockup. Everyone looked expressionless, but Mohammed seemed to be in deep thoughts. The lines on his forehead gave away the fact that he is thinking of something really serious. Only Yunus from all the accomplices knew this about Mohammed. He believed Mohammed's brain worked faster than a computer. After some time, an SRP Jawan brought six tiffins for the suspects. He didn't speak a word, just kept the tiffins and locked the door back. Another jawan was made to sit outside to keep an eye on the suspects. Yunus didn't like the way the jawan would look at them. Mohammed was still lost in his thoughts. "The food id here, let's eat," said Mohammed, with the purpose of breaking Mohammed's train of thought, which he successfully did. Mohammed came out of his thoughts, "Yes... Yes, let's eat." They all sat in a circle and opened their tiffins. "What is this food!" exclaimed Chand and Danish upon seeing the items in their tiffin containers. There were three rotis, a watery potato subzi, and dal-rice. Mohammed too looked into the tiffin and told Chand, "Get habituated to this. Think of this as your mutton biryani and start eating it" Yunus smiled at what Mohammed said. Abu and Riya, who were from Kerala looked at the food, completely confused on what was being served to them. They found the rice to be too little, just about a bowlful. They ran their finger through the dal, trying to find any lentils in it.They looked at Mohammed helplessly, who had already begun eating the food. Seeing him eat, they too began to have the dal-rice. "The DCP seems to have fallen for our words," said Chand, Mohammed didn't respond but just looked up at Chand while putting a morsel of the roti and subzi in his mouth. "This is Gujarat Police, don't underestimate them," said Danish. Mohammed continued eating his food, all this while he was also thinking about something. Meanwhile, he noticed that Chand was still sitting with a small piece of roti in his hand, "Finish your food quickly, we're about to get a sound thrashing after this," said Mohammed. Everyone stopped and looked at him, who continued, "I am a criminal lawyer. I know how the police work. At first, they talk to you normally, then beat you up until you speak what they want you to."

Everyone's face became serious. "They will take all of us out after some time and will beat us up. So be ready to go through it," said Mohammed. On the other hand, DCP Sinha finished his cigarette and rang the bell to summon one of the commandos, "Tell Jadeja to pick up the Juhapura guy, Parvez and bring him to me" Some time passed and another knock sounded on the DCP's door. It was inspector Jadeja accompanied by a frail-looking fellow. The fellow joined his palms upon seeing DCP Sinha, who's menacing glance to the guy made him tremble with fear. "Sir this is Parvez, lives in Juhapura. Runs a mobile shop. He was the one who sold the sim cards to them. He claims he knows nothing" Sinha stood up went up to Parvez and gave him a tight slap across his face. So hard was the slap that Parvez fell to the ground and began to cry. He began to plead as he lay on the ground that he had no idea those sim cards were to be used in the blasts and he is just a poor man who is speaking the truth. Jadeja picked him up from the floor. Sinha caught Parvez by his collar and shook him very hard, "You are lying to me! You do business but don't know the rules of it?"

"Sir, a person came to me and asked for sim cards. When I asked for identity proofs, he said he'd give them the next day. Since then I haven't seen him. Trust me, I swear to god I didn't know these sim cards would be used for blasts" said Parvez in a pleading tone. "Will you recognize the person who bought those sim cards from you?" asked Sinha, looking into Parvez's eyes.

This is the forty-sixth part of the serialized novel Deewal-The Story of Sabarmati Jailbreak Attempt, by Prashant Dayal, the editor of