Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-44): DCP Sinha had a habit of noting down major points of the projects and cases he would work on. Similarly today, he took out a pen and notepad and began to remember every important clue that had come to his notice and had helped him in moving forward in the case. The points noted in his notepad included the tip from Rizwan, Operation at Yakubnagar, interrogation of Firoz chacha, Naseeruddin's name frequently coming up, getting of transit remand from a local court and bringing in the alleged terrorists to Ahmedabad by the crime branch squads. As per Sinha's plan, he had time till the evening to meet each of the terrorists and have a one-to-one conversation with them. He was aware they were tough nuts to crack and won't speak up until given a sound thrashing. As he was about to call up someone to get the suspects to him one by one, Jadeja rushed in. "Sir, I just spoke to the public prosecutor... The suspects' lawyers have filed a complaint in the court that the crime branch is beating them black and blue and they fear we might kill them off in an encounter. The court has sent out a notice to us, demanding these suspect be presented in the court today itself by 2 PM," said Jadeja. Sinha was enraged upon hearing this. He slammed his fist in anger on his table. "Neither you or I have touched these people, and those bloody liars are filing a fake complaint against us!"

Every time Sinha would angry over anything, he would start pacing around in the room and smoke cigarettes. Sinha was doing the same today. He suddenly stopped and looked at Jadeja and said, "So they say we're thrashing them and have filed a complaint about it? You know what. Bring them out. Now that they have said it, let's thrash them well. We'll see what the court does."

"Sir, no... This is one of their attempts to provoke us. They want us to make mistakes. Let's get a remand for these men first. Then they're going to be in our custody," said Jadeja. Sinha continued pacing. he then stopped, picked up a cigarette but didn't light it. He was in a deep thought and then coming out of his thoughts he said, "Jadeja, we'll teach their lawyers what the law is. How many FIRs have been filed in this blast case so far?

"Sir, 20"

"Okay, let's ask for a remand from the court for each of these 20 FIRs. Start from the ones which were filed from Khadia. We'll present these men anyway at the court before 2 PM"

"Yes sir!" said Jadeja and began to leave, but was again stopped by Sinha, "Let's take these 6 suspects to VS Hospital first. get their medical checkup done and we'll go to the court armed with the medical reports of these men. And yeah, feed these men before we take them to the court" Jadeja smiled and then left.

DCP Sinha reached the Mirzapur court at 1:45 PM. He saw there was a mob, most of them wearing saffron colored clothes inside the court premises. Sinha understood the seriousness of the situation and took out his mobile to dial a call. He had called the control room and informed them that he needs more policemen on the court and they are sent from the stations nearby Mirzapur court. Because it was the DCP himself who had made the phone call, the extra policemen arrived within five to six minutes. Sinha pointed towards the mob and instructed the policemen to ensure that they don't move an inch ahead of the place where they are. Sinha had already sent his men from the crime branch to the court, which was on the fourth floor. Due to the heavy security cordon around the courtroom, no one except the lawyers and policemen was allowed inside. The journalists pleaded with Sinha to let them in. Sinha agreed to let a few of them in. There was an air of seriousness in there. Sinha had planned to bring in the terror accused to the courtroom at the fourth floor by lift, and he had already asked one his men to be ready to assist Jadeja when he brings the suspects in. At sharp 2 PM, Jadeja arrived at the court with the terror suspects in a bulletproof vehicle. As the vehicle entered the premises, slogans rang out of the mob, "Go back to Pakistan! Traitors!" The police were having a hard time controlling the mob that was pushing to rush towards the terrorists. Sinha was very tensed seeing this situation. The mob could break off the police cordon anytime and rush towards the van. As the men walked out of the bulletproof van, clad in a burqa to hide their identities, the sloganeering got louder. "Jadeja, take the men to the lift, quick!" shouted DCP Sinha. Some even started to raise slogans "Kill them! Kill them!" and one of the groups successfully broke off the police cordon. Sinha rushed towards Jadeja and began pushing the men towards the lift. Within seconds the men were packed into a lift and the door shut. Next, Sinha took the stairs to reach the courtroom on the fourth floor. He was scaling three steps at a time. He was literally leaping. By the time he reached the courtroom, Sinha was panting for breath, he didn't have the habit climbing stairs so quickly. As he entered the room, he saw that it was packed with policemen and lawyers.

This is the forty-fouth part of the serialized novel “Deewal-The Story of Sabarmati Jailbreak Attempt” by Prashant Dayal, the editor of