Prashant Dayal (Deewal-43): The first flight landed about 10 minutes later. The DCP inquired from his walkie-talkie, "Jadeja, which flight just landed?" To which Jadeja answered, "Sir, Hyderabad"

"Okay, They must be taken straight to the bulletproof vehicle and ensure that they are not seated next to any armed personnel as they could snatch weapons."

Within an hour, the flights from Kerala and Bhopal too had landed. CISF deputy commandant Naeem Kadri cam running to the DCP and informed him that all the three flights have landed and their men have been seated in the bulletproof vehicle. "Okay, you can leave" instructed the DCP from his walkie-talkie after Kadri's confirmation. The bulletproof vehicle was to be brought out of the runway from a special gate. The DCP had instructed other police vehicles to be in front and back of the bulletproof vehicle. DCP Sinha again instructed from the walkie-talkie "Jadeja, you get down and travel in my car. I will come in the bulletproof vehicle." The men exchanged their places and the whole fleet began to leave to the airport for crime branch. The bulletproof vehicle had 10 armed and 10 unarmed personnel in it including DCP Sinha. He looked at the guests they just brought in from Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and Hyderabad. They didn't know the DCP, but they noticed that he might be their senior official as the body language of the personnel around them changed the moment DCP entered the vehicle. DCP was keenly observing the expressions on the faces of these men, they had no signs of fear or anxiety. "Looks like they're tough-nuts, won't speak without a sound thrashing," thought the DCP in his head. He next noticed their hands, they were free. He shouted to the PSI inside the vehicle, "Hey officer, get their hands hand-cuffed!" four policemen got up, they had handcuffs with them, but it didn't strike them much that these 6 were to be handcuffed. The DCP next yelled at the policemen, "How come you all are in the police force? These are not just any thief or goons! they are very dangerous men" The six men began looking at each other.

The six men were handcuffed. Even though the vehicle was air-conditioned, a different kind of heat could be felt amongst them. The men were trying to look out the window of the vehicle, but couldn't as the glasses were thick and dark-tinted. The DCP noticed and ordered again," Their faces covered!" The policemen covered the faces of the six men. The DCP was very angry as he thought how can these policemen be so foolish. "I and my officers worked hard day and night to finally catch these six men. And the foolishness of these cops could cost us dearly. It was a good decision that I decided to sit in this vehicle," thought the DGP. It was about 10:30 AM when the fleet of police vehicles left airport premises. The traffic in Ahmedabad city was at its peak by now. Inspector Jadeja was sitting in the DCP's car, which was piloting the whole convoy. It had the loud siren blaring from the top of it. The whole convoy was moving at an average speed of 40-450 kilometers per hour. Noticing the traffic, the DCP instructed to Jadeja from his walkie-talkie, "Jadeja, take to the riverfront from the right of Shahibaug. We'll go to crime branch from the Jamalpur route." The DCP was keeping track of every single passing minute. At the same time, he was also thinking about the long, legal procedures of presenting the six in the court later on. Several such thoughts were coming to the DCP's minds. The only person who could work well with the DCP by understanding the seriousness of the situation was inspector Jadeja. Even though the DCP had several officials working under him. Most of them had reached the level by getting promoted with the help of their political clout and not by their skills and achievements. As the DCP was boiling with anger thinking of it, he spoke to his mind trying to convince himself to calm down. DCP would frequently have such conversations with himself in his mind.

The convoy reached the Crime Branch quickly as they had taken the riverfront route as instructed by the DCP. Sinha could make out from the movement of the vehicles that they've reached crime branch office. He looked at his watch, it was 11:30 AM. As the vehicle stopped, a constable rushed to open the door. Jadeja too had arrived at the door of the bulletproof vehicle. As the six men were being taken out of the vehicle one by one, the DCP shouted: "Get them locked up after getting their names registered in the diary." Sinha looked at Jadeja and said, "Check the transit remand time, speak to the public prosecutor on how soon can we present these men in the court. I am sure many would come to defend these people." Just as the DCP had finished saying this, Jadeja signaled towards something to the DGP with his eyes. As the DCP turned, the 4-5 lawyers standing at the gate of the Crime Branch. One of the lawyers waved at Sinha, the DCP returned a smile, but he was seething from the inside, "Let's meet in the court" said the DGP to the lawyer. He then went inside his chamber in the building. He was sitting silently for a moment. Then he picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number. "Thank You Very Much," said the DGP as the person on the other side picked up the call. "Why are you thanking me," said the voice on the other side.

"No one could do what you can. You were asking me last night why I couldn't sleep? switch on the TV and see for yourself"

It was DCP Sinha's wife on the other side of the call. She switched on the TV and there was a news flash that the Ahmedabad Crime Branch has caught the accused in the serial blasts.

This is the forty-third part of the serialized novel Deewal-The story of Sabarmati Jailbreak by Prashant Dayal, the editor of