Prashant Dayal, Deewal part-40: DCP Sinha walked into his chamber and called in Jadeja too inside. He asked Jadeja to switch off his mobile phone. Jadeja looked confused. Sinha too took out his mobile phone and switched it off saying nobody should disturb us for about half an hour. He called in the commando and instructed him not to let anyone come for the next half an hour, not even the even the commando himself. Jadeja was puzzled watching the DCP give out so many instructions at a time. He too switched off his phone and kept it on the table. The DCP took out a cigarette as he wanted to blow away the day's stress in the clouds of smoke. He took a deep drag from the cigarette and put it out then began speaking, "Jadeja you that new guy who came in today..... what's his name... The guy JCP sir has brought in from Palanpur??"
"Govind?" asked Jadeja?
"Yes. Yes... Govind. He is a very sharp kid. More than what I expected. He had done a very good job."
As Jadeja was trying hard to understand why was DCP Sinha praising the newly arrived kid, Sinha took the CDR papers in his hands and begun explaining everything to him, in the exact manner as Govind did to the JCP and Sinha. Jadeja could understand some things, but a few things went over his head. But he kept agreeing with whatever Sinha was saying. He told Jadeja that though these just doubts raised by Govind, he himself was sure they are the suspects and they should form four teams to catch hold of them.
"The first team will strike at Juhapura and pick up Parvez who runs a mobile repair shop. It was from his shop those 6 sim cards were purchased without any documents being submitted. The shopkeeper was an idiot anyways, even the telecom companies are greedy. How can they activate sim cards without verification? But anyway, all these sim cards were active for a few seconds after the blasts and then switched off. These sim cards were active near the blast spots." The DCP was explaining all these minute details to Jadeja when the commando entered. The DCP didn't notice this but the moment he was called, both Jadeja and DCP looked towards him. the DCP got very angry and shouted "Are you a fool? Don't you understand Gujarati?" I strictly told you not to enter for the next half an hour!" The commando was shaking in fear, who pointed towards the door and said,"Sir I told him he couldn't meet you but he is insisting that it is very urgent." before the DCP loses his cool again, the commando added that it is Govind who is waiting outside. The DCP's expression changed, he signaled the commando to send Govind in, who entered the chamber and first apologized and then gave a salute. He placed another stack of paper on the desk and said, "Sir this is some more information which I think might come handy during the operation. I tried to find out the names and phone numbers of those 6 people who used the suspected sim cards on that fateful day, upon tracking their IMEI numbers, I have found out 6 names and their addresses." The DCP looked in surprise. Out of these, Mohammed and Yunus' device is still active in Madhya Pradesh, Chand and Danish in Hyderabad and Abu and Riyaz in Kerala. All of them are still using their mobile devices, the same that they used in Ahmedabad.
It sounded all like a dream come true for DCP Sinha, but Govind was thinking the DCP might be still angry with him interrupting their meeting in the chamber. "Sir I thought before out teams leave to apprehend these suspects, it would be helpful if we had their names and addresses." The DCP, extremely glad about Govind's work gave him a hug and said: "If these people turn out to be our culprits behind the blasts, I will ensure you are rewarded well." For Govind, DCP acknowledging his work and giving him a hug itself was no less than a reward. While the DCP thought Govind was done with this information, he handed over another set of papers and said, "Sir, this Mohammed from Madhya Pradesh was constantly in touch with a certain number before and after the blasts. The number in question is registered in the name of a Bakrudddin Ahmed Shaikh." Upon hearing Bakruddin's name, DCP Sinha sprung up from his chair in delight. He slammed his palm on his table, "Yes! Yes! Right in the bullseye!!" Jadeja and Govind, as usual, looked puzzled. The DCP explained, "Bakruddin is that Naseeruddin!" Jadeja couldn't recall the name. "Do you remember the guy Firozchacha spoke about? The one who visited his house and had asked for his house on rent? Same person! Now all the dots of Yakubnagar are joining together." said Sinha.
The DCP got up, lighted a cigarette and began to smoke as he paced around the room. He then picked up the phone and dialed a number. It was the JCP on the other side. "Sir, Harish here... Govind has got us some more information and I think we should send our teams by the next flight itself...But sir I wish you speak to the home secretary about this and keep them informed of this operation. Also, sir PIs and PSIs are not entitled to flight travel... Sir, we'll conduct this operation without the help of the local police, but I am of the belief that we should keep their administration in the loop about it too... Thank you, sir" The phone call ended. nobody knew what the JCP spoke. Sinha turned to Jadeja and instructed him to check the next flights to Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and Hyderabad and get it booked as there would be three teams going. He added that they all check their weapons before carrying them and stay in constant touch with him. He specifically instructed that no one else should know about this operation, especially the media or else the plan is bound to fail. The DCP congratulated Govind again. A beaming Govind walked out of the chamber as if he has been awarded the President's medal.

This is the fortieth part of the serialized novel Deewal-The Story of Sabarmati Jailbreak Attempt by Prashant Dayal, the editor of