Prashant Dayal, Deewal Part-39: A week passed since Govind joined Ahmedabad Crime Branch. He'd come at 6 every morning and work the whole day till 10 at night in the cyber lab. Govind wouldn't mingle much with the staff and would have conversations with them only related to work. Sinha was losing his patience by every passing day. Jadeja too had stopped bringing in suspects and thrashing them for information. There was a weird sense of peace in the office. No one would talk of the blasts now. Even the newspapers were carrying human interest stories about the blast victims, and the journalists visiting the crime branch office too stopped asking questions about the blasts to Sinha. That evening, the JCP sent his commando to call Sinha to his office. This angered Sinha as he was sure the JCP would now ask him about the development in the blasts case and he wouldn't have any answers to it. But because it was his boss calling him, he couldn't even deny. He stood up and went into the JCP's chamber. There were two cups of coffee already placed on the table. The JCP seemed to be in a lighter mood that evening. "I just called you in to have a cup of coffee with you," he said. Sinha was surprised by this. The JCP was talking about random topics with Sinha when he remembered something and immediately rang the bell to have one of the commandos to bring in Govind as he wanted to meet him.

Seeing Sinha get lost in thoughts, Goud clarified that he was with the DGP when Govind had called him up to speak about something and now that even he is here, they can see what Govind has for them. And then the JCP continued with his chatter about things unrelated to the case. Meanwhile, Govind came in after knocking the door. Seeing him, the JCP stood up and shook hands with him, offering him a seat. Sinha was confused how come someone of Goud's stature stands up and welcomes a simple constable that Govind is. Ordering one more cup of coffee for Govind, the JCP asked him what was it that he wanted to talk about for which he made a phone call that afternoon. Laying on the desk a stack of papers that was in his hand, Govind informed them that these are the CDR (Call Detail Record) of several suspects of the blasts. DCP Sinha noticed that these were CDR of five mobile numbers. Govind continued, "Sir these are my suspects as these numbers were active only one day, the day of the blasts. The cell-tower locations of all the five numbers are at different locations, but nearby the sites of the blasts. I heavily doubt that these were the numbers used by the terrorists." Sinha raised a doubt that there could be thousands of numbers active at the same time as these numbers at these sites, so what makes him doubt these five numbers specifically. Govind laughed and said "I knew you'd have this query. The reason I have a doubt on these five numbers is that they were activated only 6 days before the blasts and there were no outgoing or incoming activities during this period." He turned towards the JCP, who he felt trusted him, and continued, "Sir about five to six minutes after the blasts, these numbers spoke to each other, but for the very short duration of about 24 seconds, 28 seconds, etc. Then these numbers were switched off and there has been no activity on these numbers since." Now even DCP Sinha began to find Govind's doubts to be legitimate. "How did you pull out these five numbers?" inquired Sinha. "I checked each number manually," said Govind. “Each one from the lakhs of numbers?” asked the JCP. Govind responded in positive.

Adding more weight to his doubts, Govind informed that these five sim cards were purchased from a single shop in Juhapura and the numbers were activated without any verification, basically these numbers were issued with no documents at all. So even if they are to reach the shopkeeper who sold these SIM cards, it would be difficult to find out who actually used them. The DCP's face fell, as Govind had so far raised their hopes. The JCP in his broken Gujarati asked Govind if there is a solution to it. "Sir you have placed your trust in me, so I have to stand by it. It is to be noticed that these numbers were used on the day of the blasts and were deactivated the same day. We might wonder on how to find the culprits who used these numbers even after getting hold of the mobile shop owner from Juhapaura, but they made one mistake, which helped me and I have fished out the IMEI numbers of the mobile devices on which these mobile numbers were active. Upon tracking, I've found out that these devices are still active, but with different phone numbers." said Govind. The DCP sprung up from his chair hearing this. Govind added, "These mobile instruments are currently active in different states of India, i.e. Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabad, and Kerala. The JCP and DCP looked at each other. They had realized that now the ball is in their court and they have to pick up each of these men who are using these devices and ensure that no mistakes happen during this operation, for which they'll have to dispatch separate teams to these states. They enquired if he has shared this information with anyone else in the crime branch, to which he replied saying that they are the first ones whom he has revealed this information to. The JCP told Sinha, "This should be smart operation. No mistakes should happen. First of all, pick up the Juhapara shopkeeper and send teams to MP, Hyderabad, and Kerala by air tonight itself. We will do this operation by ourselves, no need for any help from the local police. Ensure that this information must not leak into the media.