Prashant Dayal, Deewal Part-38: Everything Firoz spoke turned out to be true. JCP Goud informed the Hyderabad Police about Naseeruddin's name cropping up in the serial blasts case, but they claimed to have not much information on him except that Naseeruddin left Hyderbad about five years ago. There's no clue about his family's whereabouts too. Fifteen days had passed after Firoz's interrogation, but the investigation hadn't moved an inch from there. DCP Sinha began to doubt his own capabilities. The tension on DCP Sinha's face could be clearly visible, even a layman could read it. The JCP was aware of Sinha's situation. He called him up that evening and told him to relax. He said that he is aware how much hard work is put in by Sinha but they weren't bearing any fruits for them. The DCP was silent. JCP Goud continued, "I've called in a person I know to crime branch, he used to work with me during my days as the DSP of Sabarkantha Police. I was the one who first introduced him to computers. A very smart kid, will probably be of our help." The DCP had an expression of hope come up on his face and he asked, "Is he a cyber expert?" JCP Goud broke into a laugh and said, "No... He is just a regular constable but very smart. He has worked a lot with me. I was thinking about Govind last night and I spoke to his SP today. He should be here by tomorrow.

Sinha now began doubting JCP Goud's ideas too. "How can a simple constable be of our help in the blats case? The Crime Branch has its own cyber lab and efficient officers, even they couldn't trace clue so far. And sir is pinning his trust on a regular constable to solve this case." thought Sinha. But the very next moment he also felt that there might be some substance in the decision of JCP Goud. Next day when Sinha walked into the crime branch building, an unknown face outside his office greeted him. The person stood up and saluted Sinha "Jai Hind". Sinha returned the salute and walked into his chamber, somewhat confused. The commando who walked in behind the DCP informed him that a certain constable Govind has come from Palanpur. The DCP tried to remember the name and it struck him who the person was. He asked him to be called in immediately. Govind walked in, the unknown face that was waiting outside the DCP's chamber and had greeted him with "Jai hind." Coming straight to the point, DCP Sinha said, "Govind I am sure you're aware of the serial blasts case and how the investigation has been stuck in a rut. The JCP was talking greatly about you, that you're very intelligent and come of great help."

"Sir, Whatever I've learnt is because of JCP sir. If it was not for him, I would have been still working in the artillery segment," said Govind.

"Govind do anything and everything you can, my respect is on stake here"

"I will try my best sir"

"I want results Govind, not attempts. I'll provide you with all the help you want. You can use my men and vehicles if you need."

After a minute of thought, Govind said, "Sir I'll have to visit all the spots of blasts and also the house that you had found out in Vatva."

Sinha thought Govind is just trying to throw his weight around as if he is some big-shot investigator. Govind, probably read Sinha's thoughts and further explained that he needs to visit these places to collect the cell ids of people who've used their phones in these locations. Once we get the tower locations, we can begin working on them." Sinha was puzzled. He was thinking how can one find out which mobile numbers were used by the terrorists out of the lakhs of mobiles number being used in Ahmedabad. But Govind's body-language showed great confidence. Sinha was trying hard to remember if he had ever heard of this person. He convinced himself that if JCPP Goud could place his trust on this person, he too shouldn't have any issues in doing the same. But because Sinha was a policeman first, it was his habit to doubt things at first. "Have you studied computer science?" inquired Sinha, to which Govind laughed and said that he is basically a diesel mechanic. Sinha was really confused now on how to connect the dots between this person being a diesel mechanic and doing things related to mobile engineering. But if Sinha continues doubting this person's abilities, it would mean he is indirectly JCP Goud's choice.

Picking up the intercom, Sinha dialled a number and began speaking "Jadeja, I am sending Govind to you... Govind, the constable from Sabarkantha Police... Yes he has worked with JCP sir before and will be helping us in the blast case as well now. Provide him with all the help he requires and get him introduced to the cyber lab team too." Sinha rang the bell to summon a commando inside and instructed him to take Govind to inspector Jadeja. Govind saluted Sinha again and left the room. Sinha wasn't quite pleased with this decision by JCP as Sinha, who had studied Information technology, would spend hours working in the cyber but couldn't crack anything. "So how could a simple constable from a small village can help cracking the blast case in Ahmedabad?" thought the DCP, who even tried Googling Govind's name on the internet to find something about the guy, but in vain. That evening, as Jadeja was having a conversation with Sinha, he expressed surprise on the way Govind was working. Jadeja had zero knowledge about the workings of Cyber Crime, but he did latch on to one word that Govind kept repeating as he wrote down something on his phone while inspecting the spots of blast. He remembered Govind talking something about latitudes. When Sinha noticed Jadeja describe the work pattern of Govind, he began to realise that this could be their jackpot. Before Ahmedabad, similar blasts had happened in Banglore, Mumbai and Agra and all three of them were undetectable. But if Govind's way of working brings any results, it might earn us great respect.

This is the thirty-eighth part of the serialized novel Deewal-The Story of Sabarmati Jailbreak Ateempt by Prashant Dayal, the editor of