Inspector Jadeja reached the crime branch with Firoz in tow. He helped Firoz get down from the car. Upon seeing the car arrive, the policemen present there had first thought Jadeja might have caught a big fish this time, but out came an old frail man from inside the car. "How can this old chap be a terrorist?" they thought. But all the policemen present there were Hindus and they all believed that these 'miyas' can't be trusted, anyone from a child to an old man could be a terrorist. But Jadeja had no negative thoughts coming to his mind while he sat next to Firoz all through the ride back to the branch and he didn't ask him a single question. Jadeja made Firoz sit outside DCP Sinha's chamber and asked the commando outside on guard, "What is sir doing right now?" to which he was informed by the guard that Sinha was having his dinner. Jadeja looked at his watch and it was about 9 PM. Usually DCP Sinha goes home to have his food, but today he had got it delivered in a tiffin, which meant he is doing a night shift and accordingly his staff would have to stay through the night too. He asked Firoz be served some water and tea. Inform me when sir is done with his dinner, said Jadeja as he walked into his chamber and went into a trance of thoughts. "If this man is indeed has no connection with the blasts, then who could be the actual terrorists? When the name Firoz was revealed, it felt as if the case will be solved in a few hours now," thought Jadeja. He was feeling somewhat unhappy after meeting Firoz as he was not sure if they could any valuable information out of the old man. At that moment the commando came in and informed Jadeja that DCP Sinha has finished having his dinner. He went into the DCP's chamber, upon seeing Jadeja, DCP asked, “Picked up Firoz? Did you find him or not"

"Yes sir, but... he is an old man" said Jadeja with a slight apprehension apparent in his voice.

"Old man?" inquired DCP again with the lines on his forehead going tense

"Yes sir"

"Ok, no issues... Bring him in"

Firoz was having the tea that was served to him when Jadeja walked out of the chamber to call him in. Firoz was about to put down to glass when Jadeja insisted that he finish his tea first. After Firoz finished his tea in two sips, Jadeja helped him get up and led him inside the DCP's office. The DCP was surprised seeing the frail old man. Firoz was just 5 ft and had a beard on his face with no moustache. He wore white pyjamas that were about two ft above his feet and an off white kurta whose sleeves were folded till his elbows. Sinha was left wondering if this is the Firoz they were actually looking for, and turned towards Jadeja with a questioning look. "Sir he has a house in Yakubnagar," said Jadeja. To confirm this information, DCP Sinha began speaking in Gujarati to Firoz, "Do you have a house in Yakubnagar?"

The old man nodded in agreement.

"House number?"

"Five" said Firoz immediately

The DCP looked at Jadeja once again and then gestured at Firoz to sit on the chair, "Take a seat, we need to discuss some things" Jadeja helped Firoz take his seat opposite the DCP. Sinha has been investigating the blasts for days now and when the name of Firoz was revealed after the Yakubnagar operation, he had expected that he might have to thrash the person to make him reveal the truth, but this is an old man. Without knowing his side, there is no meaning in even talking to him in loud and high-pitched manner. The DCP began to speak, "Look I respect you, so please answer my questions with the truth" Firoz looked at Jadeja as he felt scared. "Don't be scared chacha, just speak the truth in response to all the questions," consoled Jadeja. The DCP placed his elbows on the table and asked "Chacha are you renting your house to anyone?" Firoz didn't understand the question asked to him in Gujarati as he was a Hindi-speaking native. Jadeja explained the question to him and asked him if he giving out his Yakubnagar house on rent to anyone?

Firoz turned towards the DCP and said, "Sir, who would live on rent at Yakubnagar?" The DCP was angry but he didn't let it be visible on his face. Asking his question in a different manner, the DCP asked if someone was living in his house since a week, fortnight or a month. It struck Firoz now that what DCP mean with his question, and he answered "Yes sir, some people did come to live in that house, but I didn't know who they were. Now the rage on DCP's face was clearly visible. Yakub looked at Jadeja as if asking him if he said something wrong. "Chacha, if someone comes to live in my house won't I know about them? I think you are not answering the questions the good faith." Jadeja's tone of voice had now turned strong, which was very normal so far. Chacha understood the change in tone and with folded hands he said, Sir I am speaking the truth; I don't know who they were. Naseeruddun from Hyderabad had come and tasked me to let my house be used for a few days as some boys from our community would be coming down to Ahmedabad for a fortnight. DCP sat up, wrote down Naseeruddin's name on a sheet of paper lying in front of him. Firoz continued, "I have never met Naseeruddin before. But he belongs to our community and I have seen videos of him. He visited my house last month. A man of great knowledge about Islam, I was very glad he came to my house." The DCP gestured Jadeja to take a seat too, who came and sat next to the old man. Firoz further informed, "Naseeruddin further insisted I take rent for those fifteen days of stay, but I declined saying it is for community work I don't need any money. The DCP took out a cigarette from the pack lying on the table. He lit the cigarette and took a drag. He began to ponder as if searching for the truth amongst the clouds of smoke.