DCP HK Sinha was narrating what happened on the fateful day to all the officials who had come from outside Gujarat. He was tired of parroting the same thing to literally every different agency that had come down to city for investigation. He was in a fix on whether to give information to these agencies or to investigate further into the blasts. The military intelligence officials too arrived by the evening. Sinha got angry on them and said, "You have come down after the blasts have occurred and want to know everything, why didn't you give us any input before the blasts?" The military intelligence officials were surprised by this sudden outburst from Sinha as they've worked with him before and he never flew off the handle like this. He was known for his calm nature and being in good terms with all the officers and authorities. The constable working at Sinha's office too had seen him angry for the first time. He got him some water. Still seething, now he directed all his anger towards the constable and said, "Now I don't want any IB official in my office, if anyone asks for me, tell them he's dead" The poor constable was shocked and surprised at this behaviour. As the constable was about to leave, Sinha's phone rang and the mobile phone's screen flashed the name "CM Office" Sinha picked up the phone, the telephone operator from the CM office asked i=him to be on the line as the principal secretary to the CM wishes to speak to him. After a minute-long wait, the principal secretary was on line, Sinha greeted him with "Jai Hind" and begun the conversation. After listening intently for a few seconds, Sinha said, "Sir we have a lead, the cars used in the blast were stolen from Bombay, I've sent our teams to Bombay for investigation," further instructions followed from the chief secretary and Sinha was responding to each one of it in an agreeing tone. This continued for a minute and after the call was over, DCP Sinha sank into his chair and rested his back on to it. He closed his eyes and went into a meditative state. This was the first time he was under such crushing pressure after joining Indian Police Force. Everyone around him was behaving as if the police themselves have done these blasts. This was the first time Sinha was working on a bomb blast case.

As Sinha was sitting with his eyes closed, he heard someone scream out loud, "Sir I am not lying, I don't know anything, I've been sick for the past three days," As the person was wailing out loud, sounds of someone getting whacked with a stick to could be heard. Though it is not a new thing in the crime branch office, but this was the first time after the blasts someone was brought in for interrogation. Sinha pressed the bell on his desk, a constable walked in quickly he looked at him and made a guess, the constable informed that inspector Jadeja has rounded up a few people for interrogation. Sinha got up from his seat and placed his watch which he removed from his right wrist. The constable thought now DCP Sinha too would pick up a stick. Sinha saw that a man was laid face down on a bench outside his office and constables had held his limbs from all the sides. Inspector Jadeja was hitting at the feet of the man with a stick. The others who were standing nearby looked pale with fright at the sight of this. One had even begun crying. He stopped upon seeing DCP Sinha come out of his office. Jadeja informed, "This is Nizam, he was in the Latif gang during 1993 and was accused in the blasts and stabbing someone but got released. His name had cropped up in the Akshardham attacks too, but was again let off due to lack of evidence.

Then pointing towards the other four Jadeja continued, "They are Nizam's men too. They keep shuttling between the city and Hyderabad. They're in touch with maulavi Fakruddin too." Sinha's eyes were red; he wanted to work off the pressure on him. He stuck out his right hand; Jadeja understood that Sinha wanted him to pass the stick. The constables tightened their grip, Sinha went a step back and holding the stick by both his hands, began to hit the person on his feet. After a few whacks and wails later, it felt as if Nizam had lost his voice. Sinha has hit people during interrogation in the past but this time was very angry and continued hitting without tiring out. By the 16th hit, the stick broke off. He threw away the stick and told Jadeja to continue whacking them until they open their mouth. Sinha walked back into his cabin, drenched in sweat.

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