Next morning when DCP HK Sinha reached crime branch office, he noticed KCP Vivek Goud’s car parked outside. He was surprised as the JCP has never come to the office before 2 in the afternoon. His driver stopped the car and Sinha was broken out of his train of thoughts with a slight jerk he felt with the braking. The policemen around the campus took attention as the DCP’s vehicle pulled in. One of the constables rushed in, at first saluted him and then opened his door. Sinha, pointing towards the JCP’s car asked the constable, “When did sir arrive?” There was a confusion writ on the face of the constable upon hearing the question, but he answered, “He is here since 4 in the morning.” Sinha was surprised. He began to recall that he himself was in the office till 3 in the morning and by then there were no phone calls from the JCP informing his arrival. As he stood by the open door of his car, it struck him that during the briefing previous night the JCP had left for a meeting with the home secretary in Gandhinagar at 1 am, so the meeting went on till late and he probably came back to office instead of going home.

DCP Sinha started to feel a little guilty from inside, on how he left for home by three, while the JCP who is senior to him was working in the office. Sinha was sure that JCP Goud was working on the blast case. He was learning a lot from his senior, one of the lessons being to forget everything else like home, family and personal needs while working. Sinha hurriedly shut his car door and began walking towards the building. The DCP’s office was on the ground floor, while right above in the first floor was the JCP’s office. As a constable rushed to open the DCP’s office door, Sinha stopped him from doing so and said he is going to meet the JCP upstairs. Exchanging salutes from the constable outside JCP’s office, Sinha first asked him if anyone is in a meeting with the JCP. The constable declined and thus Sinha first knocked the door and entered Goud’s cabin greeting him “Jai Hind Sir”. JCP Goud was seated in his chair working on his laptop. He looked up and said, “So you’ve arrived Harish” It is common for seniors to address their junior officers by their first names. DCP Sinha’s full name was Harish Sinha, but he preferred having HK Sinha on his nameplate. As the JCP looked towards the clock, Sinha felt guilty that he had left for home his senior was in the office, still working. As the JCP signaled the DCP to take a seat, Sinha, in an apologetic tone said, “Sir I had left by 3, I thought you’d go home directly from Gandhinagar” The JCP answered, “Harish the meeting with home secretary stretched till 3:30 in the morning. The I thought I might not get any sleep even after reaching home, thus I came in thinking to finish off some work.” The DCP began to feel guiltier, as he had fallen asleep the moment he hit the bed, while the JCP couldn’t get any. He said, “Sir you could have made a call, I would have stayed”

Goud understood that the DCP is not feeling good about this. He rang a bell on his desk and then he looked at Sinha and said, “Harish don’t feel bad about this, it is an old habit of mine. I like to work in tensed situations. The DCP noticed that Goud’s eyes had turned red and heavy due to the lack of sleep. A constable had arrived at the door as the JCP had ringed a bell on his desk. Looking at the constable, he said, “Bring us two coffees, son.”  Sinha, in a requesting tone said, “Sir you go home and take some rest, now that I am here, I’ll handle things.” “I’ll have to probably take some rest, now that you have arrived, I’ll leave,” said JCP Goud and then turned the laptop screen towards Sinha, “From the work I’ve done at night, I found out that the two cars placed at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital and LG hospital passed through the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway. I’ve got the CCTV footage from all the toll booths on this stretch,” said Goud. The DCP looked surprised and curious. Goud continued, “Both the cars were stolen from Mumbai central and complaints were registered of these cars going missing. The vehicles were brought to Ahmedabad after getting stolen with their number plates changed. ” He began showing a few CCTV footages and added, “Four days before the blast, the cars were captured on camera at the Bharuch toll booth. But then it doesn’t arrive at Karjan, which means the cars out up in Bharuch. Now look at this footage from a day before the blasts, the cars cross Karjan, Baroda and then into Ahmedabad. But we couldn’t make out any facial description of the person who was driving it.” DCP Sinha began to wonder at the amount of work his senior had done in a night. The JCP the instructed, “Send your teams to Bharuch and Mumbai, let’s see what we can find out”