Television channels had received an e-mail; saying the bomb blasts that just occurred in Ahmedabad were done by us and this was the revenge for 2002 riots, try your best to find us. The cyber experts from the police had begun to find out the place from where the mail was generated. This was an open challenge to the police as the senders of the mail were confident that the police could never reach them. This was the first time a blast of this level happened in Ahmedabad and the destruction it caused was huge. A team from crime branch and forensics each visited the locations of the blasts and picked up samples. A blast similar to the civil hospital had happened at the LG hospital too, in a parked car. Whoever was behind this plan had done meticulous planning. 19 crowded places were targeted first, and then being aware of the geography of the city placed bombs at the government hospitals as most of the victims would be rushed to these hospitals. The death count had begun to rise. Those gravely injured were losing their lives as doctors were finding it hard to save them.

According to the sample collected by the forensic officials, ammonium nitrate was used in the bombs. The terrorists have never been known to use nitrate before. There was timer with the bomb, which meant the one who places the bomb had enough time to escape. A pencil cell and a timer was used to generate spark in the ammonium nitrate leading to explosion. The bomb was stuffed with ball bearings and nails so that once the bomb explodes, those coming under its radar would get hit by these and cause injuries so grave that it would lead to their death. Another thing that the police noticed is the fact that almost all the bombs were placed in a bag hung on a bicycle handle or on its carrier. So the police began to investigate on where these bicycles were bought from. The pressure on police was increasing and the failure of the intelligence bureau had come forth as they had no clue of any such planning happening in the city. This case was like searching for a needle in a haystack. The local police began to file cases, while the crime branch begun its meetings. Crime branch joint police commissioner Vivek Goud and Deputy Police commissioner HK Sinha had begun briefing their officials about the case. The crime branch officials had never had come across something like this, so they were being guided and instructed on how to investigate into this matter.

DCP Sinha had visited all the spots of blasts and thus he was armed with the information on what had happened at which place an when. It was 12 AM, while most of the citizens had hit the sack; the crime branch had meetings begun. JCP Goud seemed to be much tensed. He had already received three phone calls from the chief minister’s office. The CM wanted to know who were behind the blasts. Goud was aware this is not going to be easy. Had the crime branch got any information on the people behind these explosions, they would have acted swiftly and won’t let this happen. Goud was habitual to this kind of pressure, but this was something very serious. He was wondering if the crime branch would be able to solve the case. As the meeting commenced, DCP Sinha looked at Goud, and then began with the briefing, “The explosions happened at 19 places, all at the same time, 6:40 PM, while the other two blasts happened half an hour later, at 7:10 PM. All the bombs were placed inside a wooden box. The blasts happened at the same time because there was a timer in it. Bicycles were used to place bombs at the 19 places, while cars were used at the other two locations. Ammonium Nitrate was used as the explosive in these bombs. Previously usage of ammonium nitrate in explosives was done two years ago in the cooker-bombs which were placed in Mumbai local trains. Even Mumbai Police was not able to find out who were behind that blast so far.”

DCP Sinha once again looked at JCP Goud and continued to his team, “This task is difficult for us because we are looking for someone whom even the Mumbai police couldn’t catch. JCP Goud found DCP Sinha’s tone a little depressing. The DCP began giving out instructions to the inspectors, “Jadeja, you and your team find out where and who purchased these bicycles. Parmar, you and your team find out where were these wooden boxes made, we could get a lead out of it. Chaudhary, you search all the hotels in city, there is a probability of them still being in the city. The DCP gave out instructions to his inspectors, but Goud’s gut feeling was saying that these exercises are going to be futile. The DCP realised from Goud’s expression that he was thinking of something else. He asked Goud, “Sir, any suggestions from your side?” He sat up on his chair, took support of the table and said, “Finding out who bought the bicycles is a difficult task, but we could find out who bought the cars, get the engine number and chassis number and find out. Also look for cell tower data from the area; we might come across a suspicious number. He looked at the clock and said; you continue with the meeting, I have to go meet the home secretary. He stood and left and all the others too stood in attention.