It looked like the whole of Ahmedabad city was being destroyed. Police were getting information of blasts happening at different places. Everything was happening so quickly, the police were confused on where to go first. People were taking the injured to the hospital in whichever vehicle they could find as there weren’t enough ambulances. Even inside the hospital, the doctors and the nurses were rushing to treat the injured coming in. Several would breathe their last even before reaching the hospital. The Ahmedabad Civil and LG hospital complex was teeming with people that evening. That afternoon, AHmedabad civil hospital had Dr.Viren in the afternoon shift. A native of Idar, Dr.Viren had completed his MBBS and was currently studying for his MD Medicine. He had arrived in Ahmedabad from Idar that morning. During his visit, his mother had seen a girl for him and they had gone to meet her. Viren started liking Keta, who was an English professor. He had taken her to Polo forest too on a picnic. The day Viren was to leave for Ahmedabad, Keta has specially come to meet him. Dr. Viren was still thinking of Keta when he had arrived for his afternoon shift. As it was Civil Hospital, there was a usual rush of people in the emergency ward, which he was used to and didin’t bother him much. But it was the first patient that came in at 7 in the evening in the ambulance, gave him an idea on how severe a blat can be. As he was trying to save the first injured, another ambulance came in with more patients. Dr.Viren’s mind was all over the places. He immediately called his seniors and superintendant to send in more staff for help. The senior doctors too had come into the ward. Many patients needed operation as there were glass shard in them, while a few had pellets pierced in their bodies. The blood-bank was running out of blood as most of the patients had lost a lot of blood. The loud screams of people in the hospital made the scenario look even worse.

Press photographer Vivek had just arrived outside Civil hospital. He had parked his motorcyle about 50 metres away from the parking. His eyes were scanning all the places around. Vivek’s editor knew that the victims and their relatives wouldb be rushing to the hospital, and thus he was sent there. Vivek was waiting for the right frame. The police were seen pushing the relatives away from entering the emergrncy ward as the crowds were making it difficult for the doctors and nurses to treat the injured. The victims had rushed to the hospitl the moment they got to know about the blasts. Everyone wanted to know if their near and dear ones were safe or not. As Vivek was witnessing all these scenes, he pulled out his camera out of his bag. He checked the lens and brought eye of the camera near his eye to check the focus. He was about click the picture when a blast happened in a car parked inside the hospital. The noise and effect of the blast left Vivek stunned for a few moments. The flames from the car were so high that tree below which it was parked too caught fire. The people in and around the complex who were in the car’s radius too got caught in the blast.Their bodies caught fire and were running around crying for help. Vivek had never seen something like this in his life. But within moments, he shook off the fear that had crept in his mind and began to click pictures. There were people lying everywhere, covered in blood. Some where already dead, while some had life left in them. As Vivek was to take another picture, the sight he saw sent a chill down his spine, he saw a head separated from its body lying there covered in blood.

As the victims were being rushed into the emergency ward, the nurses saw something that made them scream out loudly. At first, Vivek and others present there couldn’t understand why the nurses began to cry out so loudly. When they went to see what was the matter, the scenario in front of them was really scary. Dr. Viren, who was trying to help the victims of the blast himself became a victim of it when the car bomb blast had occured. He had gone out of the emergency ward to quickly bring in the blast victims that were coming to the hospital in ambulances. The senior doctors too rushed out to see what had happened and were shocked to see that the ambulance had burst into pieces and Dr.Viren was lying nearby, his white apron gone red with blood. The senior doctors lifted Dr.Viren to take him inside and on the way they were checking his pulse.

They couldn’t find any pulse on him. The doctor asked the nurse to get glucose injected to Dr.Viren, he alreted the Operation theatre and the blood bank to keep blood ready, as the senior doctor was talking on the phone, the nurse creamed out, “Doctor!” He left his conversation on the phone midway and rushed to see that Dr.Viren was taking heavy breaths, but the next moment the body went calm. The doctor checked his pulse and it had stopped. He noticed something written on the palm. When he checked, right the finger of Viren, it was written with a pen, “Keta”