The next day, atmosphere in the jail was quite heavy. A murder had taken place. The police presence inside the premises has now been increased. After having their food in the morning, it was now time for them to study at the school. A jail guard had arrived outside Mohammed’s barrack. No one had any special likening towards studying, except for Mohammed. He’d study with full concentration. Sometimes he’d ask so many questions to the professor that she’d began worry. Once she asked Mohammed in jest, “Do you come here to study or to conduct my exam?” Mohammed was taken aback a little by the question. In an apologetic tone answered, “No... No... I simply ask questions because I am curious” Yunus would keenly notice Mohammed every time he went in and out of the Kaushalya Kendra. It looked as if Mohammed was taking a mental picture of the structure of the jail. One day, he brought a roti with him. The jail guard noticed the slightly swelled pocket of Mohammed and checked. Upon finding a roti in it, he curiously asked, “Roti... What are you going to do with a roti?” Mohammed laughed and answered with another question, “What do you think you do with a roti?” But Mohammed soon realised that the guard might not like this question so quickly trying to salvage the situation, he added, the monkeys are hungry, pointing towards the monkeys. He then pointed towards his Keralite companions and said, “These madrasis don’t eat rotis, so I brought these rotis to feed this to the monkeys. Abu overheard this and an expression of displeasure came on his face. Yusuf came in immediately and keeping his hand on Abu’s shoulder he said, Mohammedbhai he is not a madrasi, but a mallu”

 That day, a stray kite came and landed in the barrack. Mohammed had seen it coming towards the barrack and immediately stood up when it fell to the ground. He cut off the string from the kite, tied it in a loop and put it in his pocket. At night, while sleeping, Yunus asked Mohammed, “Major, a kite had come in the barracks, I had seen you…” Mohammed looked towards him from the side of the eye, reached his hand out inside his back and showing him the small reel of thread “You wish to talk about this?” Yunus nodded his head. Mohammed saw around if anyone is listening, and whispered to Yunus, everything we find here in jail is going to be useful. We just have to keep an eye on which thing is going to be how useful and where can we find it.” Though Yunus never understood how kite-string is it going to be, he didn’t bother asking Mohammed as he knew he will not get an answer. There were several changes in Mohammed after he begun studying. He started to offer namaaz five times a day. In the past eight years, Mohammed would offer namaaz only during the month of Ramzan. One day while doing the namaaz, a guard walked up to him. As he finished with his prayers, the guard asked, “Why brother, I see you’re becoming very religious nowadays?” Mohammed didn’t like the tone and style in which the question was asked. He sternly shot back with a question, “Why, do you have an issue with us offering namaaz? The guard turned away and said, “No, you never used to be seen offering namaaz like you do now, thus I asked” Mohammed didn’t bother answering. This was the first time Mohammed had spoken to a guard in a stern manner.

Slowly, there were changes happening in Mohammed. He became more short-tempered now. He started having arguments with other inmates in his barrack too. The fellow inmates were quite surprised seeing this change in behaviour in Mohammed. In the past, Mohammed was know to break off fights whenever two inmates clashed. No he himself would get involved into fights. He even refused to referee the volleyball games in the evening. He began to distance himself from others. Even when food is being served, he’d stand in line and wait for his turn. But now he’d simply walk in to the front, get his food and leave. The jail authorities too began to notice these changes in Mohammed. One day when jailer Kaushik Pandya was in for one of his rounds, he asked something to Mohammed, to which he replied with an aggression in his voice. Even Pandya was surprised by this on what has happened to Mohammed. Nobody knew Mohammed was doing this by purpose. Now he began coercing his companions and other inmates in the barrack to offer namaaz five times a day. He had become strict now. The jail authorities put forth their fears towards jail superintendant Vasava that Mohammed might probably build his own gang inside the jail. Vasava had informed his higher ups and the Ahmedabad crime branch of Mohammed’s activities becoming suspicious. Now every week the crime branch and the IGP officers would conduct checks at Mohammed’s barracks. Though there were no suspicious items or contraband in Mohammed’s or his companion’s possession, he’d raise objection every time they’d check their belongings. A couple of times while the police were present, Yunus had said, “Mohammedbhai let them check, we are not thieves” Mohammed got angry that day on Yunus and blasted him saying “You are afraid of this Gujarati Police? I said my belongings won’t go through the checks and that’s final. Pointing towards the police he continued, “These people won’t even let us live inside the jail in peace” Yunus, taking note of the heavy police presence, in a n apologetic tone told the police, “Sir please forgive us, Mohammedbhai is not doing well” He was afraid if the matter would go out of hand if Mohammed continued. Yunus had no clue why was Mohammed behaving like this.