It was 10 AM; the police had almost wrapped up its work at the crime spot. Ketan’s fellow inmates from the barrack were spoken to, their statements taken down. It was clear that Jigo and Montu had murdered and they confessed to their crime too. Both were apprehended and shifted to single like similar to that of Manga. The Bandi was lifted now and the inmates were aloowed to come out of their barracks. The whole prison was talking about Ketan’s murder. Mohammed came out of his barrack and inquired about what had happened, and the warden narrated the whole incident him in detail. Mohammed began to think that if a sharp weapon like knife could be brought into the jail, many other things too can be brought in. No one had any clue what Mohammed was thinking. Given the situation in the jail, the classes and skill training were shut for the day. Mohammed won’t have to go for his classes today, which meant him and his companions would not get to go out of their ward. Their displeasure was visible. The morning tea which was supposed be served at 7 AM was brought in at 10 AM. The tea prepared early in the morning was served quite late to them and it had a bad taste to it. Yusuf still seemed to enjoy his tea. His head had started to spin as the usual morning tea had got late that day. A little later after the tea, lunch too was served. All the inmates woke up to a bad start this morning, so no one was interested in having their food. It was 11 AM and all of a sudden there was a commotion amongst the policemen in the jail. The inmates began to wonder if something had happened again. But the warden informed them that it was the search squad by the IGP that had arrived. The squad went into every single barrack and checked the belongings and every other corner of the barrack to find any hidden contraband. Since Manga could get a sharp weapon inside the jail, the police wanted to ensure that none of the other inmates had any weapons hidden with their belongings and thus every barrack in the jail was searched thoroughly.

Mohammed was in good terms with the warden, who was previously posted at Ketan’s ward. After the Bapor Bandi, Mohammed and Co. along with the other inmates sat down to listen to the story that the warden was to narrate to them. Ketan was sentenced to death in a murder case. Vaidehi had finshed her college and got herself a job soon. Her family had begun to force her to get married. At first, she didn’t reveal to her family the relationship she had with Ketan. But as the pressure on her to get married began to increase, she broke the truth to them that she only wished to marry Ketan or else she’l remain unmarried forever. It felt as if the sky had fallen on her family when they got to know that their daughter wished to marry a murderer who was serving an life imprisonment. They tried to convince her otherwise, but to no avail. One day, when Vaidehi had come to meet Ketan, she asked him if he is ready to marry her. Ketan was shocked at the question. He himself wasn’t even sure if he’d ever get out of this sentence and no one would like to marry a murder accused. He tried to convince her to get married to some good boy the family chooses for her. She broke down hearing this and threatened to commit suicide if he didn’t marry her. Since then, every time Vaidehi came to visit him in the jail, she’d ask the same question. Finally, Ketan agreed to her demands.

 Vaidehi’s father asked her to leave the house when she told them about her decision to get married to Ketan. Even Ketan’s parent’s tried to convince her to change her decision, but she didn’t budge from her decision. Finally the wedding was fixed and the IGP had allowed a three day parole to Ketan with police protection. Vaidehi left her parent’s house to live with Ketan’s. Even Vaidehi’s Kanyadaan ritual was done by Ketan’s parents.  It might have been the first ever wedding where instead of a wedding procession, an army of police had accompanied the groom. Vaidehi began to live with Ketan’s parents after the marriage. Most of the older inmates were aware of this love story. Parvez interrupted the warden’s narration to ask, “Can a woman love to this extent?” Before the warden could answer, Mohammed gave out a laugh and said; “Only a woman can love to this extant” Yunus had understood that Mohammed was making this statement in regards to his wife Aayat. The warden said, “Since that day, Vaidehi would regularly come to meet Ketan in the jail. Ketan too had promised to leave his older habits once he is out of the jail”

The evening before the murder, Ketan was very happy after meeting Vaidehi. He had informed the other inmates too that Vaidehi had visited the Home Ministry at Gandhinagar, where she got to know that on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the government is planning to pardon the sentences of those prisoners who had spent 10 years inside the jail. Ketan began to pine hopes of living a good life after getting his release from the prison. He had completed 11 years in there. But as usual, the universe has played a rude joke on him every time he plans to make a life-changing decision. Ketan had a habit of sleeping till late in the morning. On that day too, he was sleeping even after the barracks had been opened and most of the inmates had woken up. In the barrack next to it was Manga waiting with Jigo and Montu, who rushed into Ketan’s barrack with knives and attacked him violently. The made multiple stabs on him, giving no chance for Ketan to wail out in pain. Having plans to get out of jail, Ketan had to finally bid adieu to his life. As the warden got up to go, Abu asked, “Now what will happen of his wife Vaidehi?” A dangerous criminal like Abu too was moved hearing the tale of love and sacrifice. Abu, being from Kerala had a trouble with the language and thus spoke very little. But he understood the whole tale narrated by the warden in Gujarati, because pain has no language.