Ahmedabad: July 14 and 15 will see Goods and Service Tax practitioners from across the country congregate in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to meet and discuss the problems faced by traders and tax consultants in filing returns and getting the refunds. It has been a year since the GST was implemented across the country after collapsing more than 20 different taxes under one single tax. The decisions taken in this decision will be later submitted to the GST Council which will meet in New Delhi on 21 July.

Tax consultant Nigam Shah told journalists that traders and tax consultants face a lot of trouble while filing their GST returns online, despite assurances that this regime would have eased their troubles faced in the earlier system. The administration is yet to implement proper provisions in the GST that would ease their burden. There is no single formula in this newly implemented tax law. Another big challenge is getting refunds. As per the rule, we’re supposed to receive our refunds within 15 days, but the online portal is mostly down, hence it has to be done manually.

Tax Advocate Akshat Shah said that because there is no central organization for the GST consultants, practitioners have to file appeals in their respective states, but the state claims that the whole operation of GST is in the hands of the center. Thus, in association with the sales tax bar association, a two-day seminar of GST practitioners from across the country will be organized will be held in Ahmedabad.

He further informed that one of their demands is that tax practitioners and tax advocates be allowed to issue audit certificates. Currently, only chartered accountants can issue an audit certificate, and because there is a huge deficit in the number of CAs as compared to the number of traders in the market.