Ahmedabad: The Indian Coast Guard in the early hours of Wednesday rescued a distressed fishing trawler that had begun taking on water, saving the lives of the five crew members and plugging the damage before the boat was towed to port.

The engine room of the Anmol began flooding around 10pm on Tuesday. After the crew’s effort weren’t successful, the trawler sent out an SOS signal, which the ICGS Arinjay responded to. The coast guard ship secured the Anmol alongside it after a boarding team assessed the engine room. Two submersible pumps and one diesel-driven pump were employed to clear the engine room, following which the hole was plugged using damage control stores while the Arinjay’s medical assistant examined the crew members for injury.

The Anmol was handed over to another fishing boat, the Al Madina, at 6am to be towed to Okha.