Ahmedabad: In the year 1994, Ahmedabad’s Chandkheda-resident Kuldeep Yadav was arrested in Pakistan for staying illegally in the country. He was charged with spying on the country for India. His family was unaware of his whereabouts and got to know about his arrest after they received a letter from Yadav, who was in a local prison in Pakistan.

Yadav’s sister Rekha made rounds of the offices of several leaders from BJP and Congress, but none came to her help. Tired of being ignored, she filed a petition with the Gujarat high court to hear her case. As a result, Justice M R Shah, who heard Rekha’s plea, issued a notice to the Indian government to act on Kuldeep’s case to bring him back to the country.

The applicant has urged the court in the petition that not only the government take steps to bring back Yadav from Pakistan, but also provide compensation to the family for the trouble they had to go through over the years. The high court in its order today announced that the sister of Yadav is provided a government job as compensation. But there was no word action to be taken for bringing back Yadav. The decision today can be seen as just a small relief to the family.

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