Prashant Dayal, Gandhinagar: The CID Crime, which is probing the Bitcoin extortion case produced the three men arrested so far in the court and have got a remand for three more days. The men, Surat-based lawyer Ketan Patel and Amreli Police constables Babu Der and Vijay Vadher have been in the CID’s remand for the past five days.

The CID urged the court to provide them remand of the three men because they need to establish the actual chain of events that happened after the kidnapping and extortion of Surat-based real estate developer Shailesh Bhatt by Amreli Police officials. It said that they need to find out why was Ketan Patel in constant touch with Amreli Police SP Jagdish Patel, PI Anant Patel, and former MLA Nalin Kotadiya during the days when Bhatt was illegally detained at Keshav Farm near Chiloda highway. Ketan Patel is also believed to have facilitated the hawala dealings for PI Anant Patel.

The CID sleuths want to establish the actual role of Kotadiya in the whole case. They also need to corroborate certain facts regarding how the bitcoins were encashed in Mumbai and which constables were involved in the same. So far, it is being said that four cops from Amreli Police, Dharmendra Pawar, Jagdish Jaykant, Ummedkumar Mehta, Pratap Der and two other people men had traveled to Mumbai right after getting the bitcoins from builder Bhatt’s detention. The cops had used their service vehicles during the commute from Bharuch to Amreli while returning from Mumbai after getting the money.

The CID believes that because the accused men are people who have the knowledge of the law, they are trying to hide several crucial facts that might nail them in the case and thus, it is necessary to have them on remand for their detailed interrogation.