Ahmedabad: Surat-based builder Shailesh Bhatt has been granted relief by the Gujarat High Court in a land case filed against him at the Karjan Police station. Bhatt had filed a complaint with CID crime branch of his extortion by CBI and Amreli police under the pretext of an investigation into illegal Bitcoin trading by him. Justice AJ Desai ordered the Vadodara Police to stop the investigation into the Karjan case right away.

At a time when there are several instances of extortion and threatening by police officials cropping up in and around the state and nobody is coming up to file an official complaint against the officials, Bhatt filed a complaint with CID Crime Branch against a CBI official and Amreli Police of extorting Rs12 crores in Bitcoins and demanding Rs32 crores to let him off without investigation into his business deals. Right after he filed the complaint, the Karjan Police in Vadodara picked up a three year old case failed against Bhatt regarding a land deal and begun investigation in order to build pressure on him.

Bhatt filed a petition in the Gujarat High Court asking for relief in this particular land deal case, in which he argued that this was a 3 year old case which was filed in the Diwani court and no action was taken against him back then. He also put forth the fact that his role in the said land deal was that of a broker but because he has filed a complaint with the CID Crime Branch regarding his extortion by the Police, the old case has been picked up again to trouble him. Justice AJ Desai passed an interim order asking Vadodara Police to stop the investigation on the land deal case against Bhatt and he should not be arrested or detained for that matter.