Prashant Dayal: CID Crime hs found a breakthrough in the Bitcoin Extortion case of Surat based builder Shailesh Bhatt. After investigating all the numbers owned by Bhatt's business partner Kirit Paladiya, it was found out that the 200 Bitcoins were transferred by him to his friend Sandip Patel. Paladiya used to take care of Bhatt's Bitcoin trading business.

Last month Amreli-native businessman based out of Surat Shailesh Bhatt was allegedly kidnapped by the Amreli Police from Gandhinagar and had illegally detained him at Keshav Farm near Chiloda, where he was beaten up and threatened to be killed if he didn't transfer his Bitcoins to them. Inspector Anant Patel from Amreli Police had forced Bhatt to ask his partner Paladiya to transfer the 200 Bitcoins worth Rs12 crores to Patel. All this time Paladiya was hand-in glove with Patel. When Bhatt reached out to the Gujarat Home minister and finally filed a complaint, the CID crime branch began investigating the case. Both Patel and Paladiya denied having made any transactions of Bitcoins. Paladiya even handed over his mobile phone to the forensics for investigation. But he had actually hidden the fact that he had more than two mobile devices and the transaction was done from another device of his.

Upon investigating of every single phone number under Paladiya's name, it was found out that he indeed transferred the Bitcoins, but to a certain Sandip Patel and not to Inspector Anant Patel. It has now been revealed that Sandeep is actually a friend of Paladiya and was a part of this whole plan of extorting money from Bhatt. It has further revealed that Paladiya was also in touch with CBI officer Sunil Nair, who was the first one to target Bhatt and threaten him of raids and investigation against shady business deals. Nair has a history of targetting several businessmen in Surat who were into illegal business and would threaten them of Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate investigation to extort money from them.

Now Surat income tax has launched an investigation into the dealings after it was revealed that Sunil Nair had taken Rs5 crores as extortion from Bhatt under the threat of letting the Income Tax department after his businesses.