Ahmedabad: In a new twist to the infamous Bitcoin extortion case, the complainant in the case, Surat-based realtor Shailesh Bhatt has been booked by the CID crime department of the Gujarat Police for alleged theft of Bitcoins worth Rs 150 crores and cash Rs 14 crores. The cops have arrested Nikunj Bhatt and Dilip Kanani in regards to these new charges.

DGP of Gujarat Police’s CID Crime unit Ashish Bhatia addressed the media and informed that in the previous case where realtor Shailesh Bhatt was the complainant, is still under investigation and so far Amreli Police’s PI Anant Patel has been arrested for the extortion, while former MLA Nalin Kotadia, who is also made accused in the case is absconding. The CID was conducting a parallel investigation to track the route of the cryptocurrency to Bhatt. Their first discovery was of the person named Piyush Savaliya, who during the investigation had revealed that Bhatt and his accomplices had kidnapped him in the name of detention posing as Income Tax officers.

Bhatt had invested heavily into cryptocurrency during the digital currency’s heyday though Bitconnect, a firm run by a certain Satish Kumbhani. Kumbhani went underground after the market of cryptocurrency began to crash. Piyush was thrashed and forced to reveal the name of Satish’s confidante Dhaval Mavani. Bhatt then raided Dhaval’s place and forced him to transfer 2256 bitcoins and 11000 litecoins. Further, they even got Dhaval to transfer Rs 14 crores in cash to them from an angadiya firm.

When Bhatt realized that the CID has begun looking for Savaliya, he paid him Rs 60 lakhs and made him prepare an affidavit/declaration which denied the kidnapping and extortion of him and Dhaval, so as the investigators are thrown off the scent. The cops have arrested Nikunj Bhatt and Dilip Kanani, who are believed to be Shailesh Bhatt’s accomplices. The investigators have also recovered 153 bitcoins from Dilip. It has been revealed that Shailesh Bhatt, Kirit Vala, Jignesh and Raju Desai had distributed the loot amongst themselves.

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