Ahmedabad: The Gujarat Police’s CID Crime department brought in Piyush Savaliya to its Gandhinagar office today for further interrogation regarding the infamous Bitcoin extortion case. Former Dhari MLA Nalin Kotadiya had claimed that the complainant Shailesh Bhatt had kidnapped Piyush and had extorted money and cryptocurrency from him, but his claim was debunked by Piyush himself. The CID is also said to have seized Rs 12.50 lakh from one of Piyush’s relatives named Punit.

According to the complaint by Surat-based realtor Shailesh Bhatt, his former partner Kirit Paladiya and former MLA Nalin Kotadia had joined hand to kidnap him and extort bitcoins worth Rs 12 crores from him. The CID was handed over this case for investigation and several arrests began, but Kotadia went underground. He claimed that he is being framed in this case upon instructions from a few high ranking officials/ministers having a vendetta against him and that it is the complainant Bhatt who had actually kidnapped a certain Piyush Savaliya and Dhaval Mavani to extort cryptocurrency worth Rs 150 crores and more Rs 14 crores from them. But the Gujarat Police or CID didn’t register any complaint Bhatt over Kotadia’s claim.

What came as a further blow to Kotadia was that Piyush came forward and debunked the claims of him being kidnapped. The CID has been interrogating him for two days as they doubt that Piyush might have made these claims under someone’s pressure. Piyush informed the investigators that the declaration he had made was prepared by his relative Punit and CID had picked him up too for investigation. Though the investigators have refused this, it is being said that they seized about Rs 12.50 crores from Punit’s possession. Piyush is still said to be in CID’s custody while Punit was let go later at night.