Ahmedabad: Former BJP MLA from Dhaari, Nalin Kotadia, who has been accused as one of the co-conspirators in infamous bitcoin extortion of a Surat-based builder, has written to CID Crime branch of the Gujarat Police to grant him time till May 11 to appear before them in regards to this case. The CID had summoned him twice before to appear before them and provide his side of the story, but he failed to appear on both the occasions.

Kotadia, whose current location remains still unknown had previously said that he is not absconding as the media is trying to paint him but is at his Dhari home. Surprisingly, in his letter addressed to the deputy superintendent of the Gujarat CID, AA Saiyed, Kotadia has mentioned that he is out of Gujarat. He further mentioned that he is being framed falsely in the bitcoin case and requested that he be not arrested until May 12 as he would himself appear before them. Kotadia has said that he is unable to return because he couldn’t procure bus or train tickets given vacation rush this summer. He also added that the money that the CID had recovered from one of his aides is actually a part of the payment he had got from the sale of a land.

Meanwhile, CID has formed three teams in the lookout for one of the middlemen in the case, a police constable named Dharmendra Pawar. It is being said that Pawar had escaped with some valuable and important documents pertaining to the case a day before Amreli Police DSP Jagdish Patel was arrested by the CID.