Ahmedabad: If CID sources are to be believed, Amreli Police DSP Jagdish Patel, who is said to be the mastermind behind the whole Bitcoin extortion case, has been picked up by the CID Crime sleuths on late Sunday night and will be brought to Gandhinagar on Monday for his official arrest.DSP Patel has been avoiding the law enforcement agency for a long time ever since his name has cropped up in the list of officials who were involved in the illegal detention and extortion of a Surat-based realtor.

So far, CID Crime, who is investigating the infamous Bitcoin extortion case, has arrested two constables, a Surat-based lawyer Ketan Patel and PI Anant Patel for their direct involvement with the matter. After detailed interrogation of the arrested men, Amreli Police DSP Jagdish Patel’s role came to light and the CID is said to have gathered enough evidence to nail DSP Patel in his involvement in the crime.

Jagdish Patel already had the whiff of his impending arrest and thus has been using all tactics to avoid it. When the CID had sent him a summons to appear before them on Saturday, he skipped it. Which is why they had to send their sleuths to his official residence late Sunday night. Following DGP Ashish Bhatia’s orders, the picked up DSP Patel to bring him to Gandhinagar and his official arrest will be done on Monday.

This arrest is being considered to be the biggest in this Bitcoin extortion case after which, the CID will be now training its guns towards former MLA Nalin Kotadiya and will be investigating his role in this whole case.