Ahmedabad: After a parallel investigation into the infamous Bitcoin extortion case revealed foul play on the side of the complainant Shailesh Bhatt too, the Gujarat Police’s CID (Crime) has dispatched about eight teams to cities like Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai to nab Bhatt. The Surat-based realtor’s last cell-tower location was traced to Vapi in Gujarat, thus there are teams from the CID looking for him in the regions of South Gujarat too.

According to sources, the CID had swooped into the residences of all the accused in the case but none of them were present for obvious reasons. Their families have been handed over summons to instruct the accused to appear before the CID or else they will have to arrest them through a court warrant under CrPC section 70.

The cops are on their toes as Bhatt’s accomplices are believed to have holed up in Rajkot, Amreli, and Junagadh, there is a probability of him trying to flee the country. It is to be noted that former MLA Nalin Kotadia, against whom a warrant under CrPC 70 was issued, is yet to be nabbed. The cops have now issued a lookout notice against him as they fear he too might have fled country. Kotadia was accused of being hand in glove with Bhatt’s former business partner, who had kidnapped Bhatt and extorted money and bitcoins from him worth Rs 12 crores.

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