Ahmedabad: The CID Crime issued a lookout notice for Amreli Police PI Anant Patel and eight other police officials who were his accomplices in the Bitcoin extortion case. In February this year, a Surat-based real-estate developer was illegally picked up and detained by the cops from Amreli Police in connivance with one of the builder's business partners to extort money from him.

The realtor Shailesh Bhatt was illegally detained by PI Anant Patel and his team of cops at a farmhouse on Chiloda highway and he was forced to transfer all his bitcoins to Patel. After Bhatt filed a complaint against the cops and took up this matter to the state home minister Pradipsinh Jadeja, the CID Crime was instructed to begin investigating the case. PI Anant Patel has since gone into hiding in the pretext of a sick leave from duty. The CID has been able to arrest two constables and a lawyer who was involved in the crime but have been unable to catch Patel even after searches and raids at several of his places.

On Tuesday, the CID had found abandoned the SUV of Patel from a forested area near Gir sanctuary. The investigating agency believes that he will be moving court with a bail plea to evading arrest and thus they're keeping an eye on the courts in the state and also have alerted the airports across the country about their lookout for him.