Ananda Lekshmi and Ankita Roy, Ahmedabad: Learning the craft of playing a guitar is hard enough but classical guitarists have to take their skills to a whole new level. Meet Aditya Gandhi, a classical guitarist, currently based in Ahmedabad, who aims to change the current perception of the modern audience about the contemporary culture of music. In conversation with MeraNews, Gandhi talks about his style of music, his idea of music in India and his upcoming performances.

The Musical Journey:

Born in Surat and brought up in Bangalore, Aditya began his musical journey at the age of 15. Aditya comes from a non-musical family and he picked up guitar under the influence of one of his school teachers.  He completed his Bachelors of Music with Honors from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and his Masters of Music from Chicago College of Performing Arts under world renowned guitarist Denis Azabagic. He has performed in several corners of the world like Sri Lanka, Scotland and United States including venues such as Ganz Hall in Chicago, Guiness Room in Glasglow and Calcutta School of Music in India. He also plays piano and violin.

Moving to India:

“I moved to India because I wanted to go to a place where a market of classical guitar didn’t exist. It gives you the freedom to experiment and do things. In an established system, you can’t take such risks. Artists benefit from chaos and India is very chaotic not in a bad way, in the sense that it’s open to everything. It doesn’t have as much politics in art as established systems do. That kind of market is very attractive and it gives us the space to explore. India has no public funds for art like the rest of the countries.”, Aditya explained.


He grew up listening to Jazz music.  Any certain type or genre of music doesn’t inspire him but it’s mostly soloists like John Coltran and classical pianists and singers like Nina Simone, who have a dominating personality that he admires. He was not into music bands because he wanted to explore how much an individual with one kind of music can do.


Aditya also tried his hand at teaching. He taught at Greenwood High School in India and Melody Makers Arts Academy. Mesmerized by his performance, guitar enthusiasts used to come up to him and express their will to learn the style he played. He felt the need to raise a platform for the enthusiasts and thus he has recently founded the Guitar Society of Ahmedabad to meet this need.

Upcoming Events:

His next event is named Six Strings and a Mouthful,  a live audio- gastro experience at Otenga Project  Café in collaboration with Kabyashree Borgohain.“This is not actually a concert.  It’s more of a food and music collaboration. Here, the music has been curated in accordance with the food with the theme of the event being the art movement of Romanticism. It is a five course meal and each course has music which has been curated which goes along with the food where the food and music both has equal importance.” He’ll also be performing at Fangirl, an indie-festival where he plans to play nocturnal music since the event will be held in the evening.