Priyanka Rajput,Ahmedabad: “If any party wants to use our song, we have no objection to it,” Anil Narayani, the director of ‘Hu Narender Modi Banva Mangu Chu’, says about the song “Namo Namo” sung by Divya Kumar from the film.

Narayani says he wants the movie to inspire Indians. “(Prime Minister Narendra) Modi is my role model. There are many other inspirational leaders, but no one can compete with Modi. No one can do what he is doing for the country. I want every child, the parent and the youth to be inspired by him, to learn from him,” he says.

For Narayani, the motive of his film is to convey his gratitude to the Prime Minister. “If every family has a Narendra Modi in their home, the nation will progress.”

‘Hu Narender Modi Banva Mangu Chu’ will be released on 15 December—a day after voting for the Gujarat assembly elections ends. Regarding the timing of the release, the director says it is “sheer coincidence.”

The film, which not a biopic, depicts Modi’s early life and struggle, says Narayani, while narrating the struggle of child who wants to follow his dreams and do what he feels. It shows the journey of Narender, essayed by Karan Patel, till the age of 14, with Omkar Das Manikpuri and Ansha Sayed playing his parents and Hiral Patel his sister. A sequel is set to be released in 2019, which is expected to coincide with the next Lok Sabha elections when Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will look to win a second term in power.