Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: One of the key accused in the Surat-based real estate developer Shailesh Bhatt’s detention and bitcoin extortion case, PI Anant Patel of Amreli Police is said to have taken his service weapon along with him ever since he has gone on sick-leave after his name cropped up in the case. According to police rules, any police officer who goes on a leave of absence or resigns from his/her post, he/she is supposed to submit their service revolver and other things provided to him by the police administration for duty.

Amreli Police PI Anant is being investigated upon by Gujarat Police’s CID Crime department after a Surat-based realtor Shailesh Bhatt had accused him and other policemen from the Amreli Police to have kidnapped and detained him illegally at a farmhouse on Chiloda road. PI Anant Patel had allegedly threatened Bhatt of dire legal consequences and extorted Bitcoins worth Rs12 crores from him. On Tuesday, the investigating agency had a major breakthrough when it found abandoned PI Patel’s SUV in a forested area nearby Gir sanctuary on Tuesday.

Patel, who is said to have very close relations with Amreli Police SP Jagdish Patel, had left Amreli after submitting a sick-leave application and came to his Ahmedabad home, without submitting his service revolver with the officials at Amreli police officials. Upon getting a tip-off about the CID Crime sleuths in the lookout for him, he left Ahmedabad and dropped off his SUV near Gir forests.

Currently, the two constables and a lawyer Ketan Patel, who is said to have acted as a middleman between the cops and builder Bhatt, have been arrested so far in this case, where an FIR against 10 people, including Anant Patel have been registered.  Ketan is said to have been in touch with Amreli Police SP Jagdish Patel on 9th, 10th and 11th February, the days when builder Shailesh Bhatt was kidnapped and detained by the cops for extortion. The CID has not registered any complaint against Jagdish Patel, though there have been clear signs of his involvement in this case.