MeraNews Network, Amritsar: A tragic train accident near Joda Pathak area in Amritsar on Friday killed more than 50 people after a train mowed down a huge crowd of people that had gathered near the spot to watch the burning of Ravan effigy as a part of Dussehra celebrations. It is being believed that the people couldn’t hear the approaching train due to the noise of the crackers.

According to reports, more than 500 people were present at the accident spot. The injured were rushed to nearby hospitals while the remaining people were evacuated by the police who swung into action immediately, to prevent a stampede.

As the effigy of Ravan had caught fire and the crackers started to burst and fly towards people. Panicked, several people began to rush towards a closed gate near the railway track, completely unaware about a fast running train approaching towards them. The noise of the crackers is said to have drowned the siren of the train, which ran into the people.

An eyewitness told the media persons from the spot that the administration and the Dussehra committee are at fault, they should have raised an alarm when the train was approaching, and they should have made sure that the train halts or slows down.