Ahmedabad: The protests against Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat—earlier known as Padmavati—have not been able to deter Amdavadis from watching the film, with many going out of their way to catch a screening.

Some residents of Ahmedabad either booked flights or drove to Mumbai, Delhi and other states where the film is being screened to satisfy their curiosity and find out if there is anything controversial in Padmaavat that led to such widespread protests.

Meeheer Pandya, 33, a working professional from Rajkot who currently lives in Ahmedabad, went by himself to Mumbai on Saturday to watch the film. “I have friends in Mumbai, so I decided to watch the movie and come back to Ahmedabad today itself as I had booked a flight with a return ticket for the same day,” he said.

Pandya, who spent Rs8,000 to watch the movie, said, “I wanted to watch the movie as I believe banning it is incorrect. Now that I have seen the movie, I can say there is nothing controversial to protest against the film.”

While some chose to travel alone, others decided to go in groups.

Deepak Soni, a 43-year-old businessman, will be flying to Mumbai with 20 others to watch the film on Sunday. He and the six families going along will spend a total of Rs2 lakh in their quest to watch Padmaavat.

“Since it’s a Sunday and we are curious about the much-hyped Padmaavat movie, our families and friends decided to watch it together,” said Soni. “We have a friend in Mumbai who has already booked our tickets for a Sunday show.”

Another reason for watching the film is that Deepika Padukone is his favourite actress, he said.

Soni’s family as well as the others accompanying them believe the protests will have little outcome. “What will the protestors do when the movie is released on television? Will they break everyone’s TV?” Soni asked.

Meanwhile, some have slotted a trip to the theatre in between their other plans.

Two couples from Ahmedabad travelling to Vaishno Devi grabbed the chance to watch Padmaavat in Katra in Jammu and Kashmir, which falls on the way to the pilgrimage spot.

“We took a flight from Ahmedabad to Jammu via Delhi. From Delhi, we booked a car to head towards Katra. Since we had a day on our hands, we chose to watch the movie on 25 January—the day it was released,” said Rupesh Modi, who was travelling with his wife Rupa and friends Palkesh and Bhairavi Parikh, all in their 40s.

There is nothing in the film that to hurt the sentiments of the Rajput community, said Rupesh Modi. “In the movie, the director has portrayed Rani Padmavati and the Rajput community with high esteem. After watching the film, I feel sad that the Karni Sena has wasted national resources and caused unrest in the country for no reason.”

Kuldeep Tiwari tweets at @kuldeep_2105.

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