Morbi: The nationwide indefinite strike called by the All India Motor Transport Congress in New Delhi saw businesses in Gujarat’s Saurashtra too cripple and render thousands of workers at yards and markets jobless and markets shut.

Rajkot’s engineering and foundry industry, Jamnagar’s brass industry, Morbi and Than’s ceramic industry, Gondal’s oil mills and Jasdan’s ginning industry bore the brunt of the truck operator’s strike which was called demanding a string of reforms from the government which included lowering of toll and diesel prices. There were chakkajams at various points on the highway which saw traffic snarls and the short supply of raw materials forced many shops and factories to remain shut for the day.

The ceramic industry was running short of coal supply while the paper manufacturing industry didn’t receive the waste paper supply for recycling. The business at Gondal market yard too was hit and the cement industries too suffered from the truckers protest. In Saurashtra itself, around 10,000 truckers have gone on strike, while the nationwide figure is pegged to be 9.3 million, as claimed by the truckers’ union. The police are on high alert, even though the union has assured them of peaceful protests for the fulfillment of their demands.

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