Algiers: An Algerian military aircraft on Wednesday crashed in a farm near Boufarik airbase in capital Algiers, killing more than 100 people on board. The local television media of the country reported that about 200 people were on board the crashed military transport plane, which was of Russian-make, an Ilyushin IL-76.

Further reports said that 14 ambulances and 10 fire tenders were rushed to the spot, where the fire from the crash was brought under control and the injured were rushed to the hospital for treatment. The crash occurred in the morning, and most of the passengers in the plane were soldiers and other military men. All the roads in and around the crash site were closed down for civilian traffic so that emergency services won’t face any blockage.

According to the military officials who spoke to local and international TV channels, no one is expected to survive the crash and the death toll might inflate to 200 or more. This crash is considered to be the worst in the country since the 2003 Air Algerie jet crash that had killed 102 people aboard after it had taken off shortly from Tamanrasset.