Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad Crime Branch (ACB) on Monday arrested two men in possession of fake Indian currency notes of Rs 100 and Rs 500. The cops were acting on a tip-off they had received about two men traveling towards Kankaria from Gita Mandir area with fake notes. 2000 fake counterfeit notes were seized from the men.

Junaid and Virat had come to Gita Mandir bus depot in the city from Ahmedabad. The ACB was keeping a watch on the movements of the men from a nearby tea stall. Upon confirming that these were the two men they were looking for, the crime branch sleuths swooped on them. 700 fake notes of Rs 500 and 1100 fake notes of Rs 100 were found from Junaid, while 200 notes of Rs 100 were found in possession of Virat.

The accused had printed these notes at their home. They had also printed counterfeit notes worth Rs 2.5 lakhs of Rs 2000 denomination. But because the color combination of the ink used in printing didn’t match, they destroyed those notes. But they had counterfeit notes of the denomination of Rs 100 and 500 worth Rs 4.8 lakhs and were trying to circulate them in the market. They resorted to printing fake notes after they suffered heavy losses in their cloth manufacturing business.