Ahmedabad: The traffic scenario in Ahmedabad is witnessing major changes for the past few days, ever since the Gujarat High Court had summoned Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner A.K. Singh seeking answers on the poor traffic management and illegal parking. As a result of the string of actions by the Ahmedabad Traffic Police, two major shopping malls of the city Himalaya Mall near Drive-in Cinema and Ahmedabad One Mall near Vastrapur Lake have made vehicle parking free for visitors.

Traffic snarls are a common thing outside such malls which see huge footfalls daily. The major reason behind such snarls is the illegal parking of vehicles outside the malls by visitors. The city police issued notices to both Ahmedabad One and Himalaya Malls that as per the law, shopping malls must allot 50 percent of its area for vehicle parking, regarding which an order was passed by the Supreme Court too.

Even before the malls were made open for the public, the permits are given for it construction had mentioned that free parking facility must be a part of this infrastructure. But the city police found out that these two malls charged a fee from the visitors who parked their vehicles inside the designated parking, which is against the law.

The operators of the mall were asked to provide proofs to the police explaining that under which rule they are charging money from the visitors for the parking. Right after the cops shot off these notices to the operators, the malls made parking free of cost inside their premises. They even posted notices informing this new norm on the gates of their mall entrance and exits. Sources have informed that the city police will be enforcing similar rules at various other locations in Ahmedabad where the business owners and operators will have to make arrangements for the parking.

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