Mumbai: Actress, model and dancer Smiley Suri launched SHAKTI Pole Camp 1.0, a 4-day long Pole Fitness camp in Mumbai with the idea of bringing PoleFit revolution to India and a platform for physical fitness and emotional health. This camp is in coordination with International Pole artiste Milla Tenorio of Café De La Danse and will be held at Arts In Motion in Khar West, Mumbai from May 3 to May 6.

Popularly known as the ‘Kalyug’ girl from her debut acting performance in the 2005 Hindi film Kalyug, Smiley has brought together several experts for this camp like past-life regression healer Monesha Chaudhary, Yoga guru Shubhalakshmi Chettiar, Belly Dance teacher Chaitali Soparrkar, Life Coach and Clinical Psychologist Dr Kanan Khatau, Kallaripaitu expert Arpit Singh, Sanket Parab of Mallakhambh India, etc. The icing on the cake is participation by Mallakhambh master and Smiley’s guru Uday Deshpande.

Smiley says, “For me, Pole is like salvation. I was going through acute depression when Pole happened to me by chance. Later I trained for 4 months in Singapore and then in Dubai. I learned many new tricks and acts. I also realized that Mallakhambh is the Indian version of Pole and learned it from Uday Deshpande sir. I have engaged in aerial arts, Mallakhambh, jazz, modern salsa and ballroom dancing and then Pole. I realized its psychological as well as physical benefits. The empowerment adrenaline rush when you get a trick right and the cardiovascular stamina it needs along with the yoga postures on the floor made me realize that it’s a complete mind and body workout. This is what we are offering at SHAKTI v1.0 Camp.”

“Mallakhambh Training on Pole or Rope is an integral part of #SHAKTI v1.0 Pole Camp to be held in May 2018. I will be conducting the training on Pole Mallakhamb and Rope Mallakhamb, in this camp. It is especially meant for the empowerment of women, for the awakening of women’s inner Shakti (power). Smiley had frequent attacks of depression, severe thyroid problems and other challenges when she came to me last year. I encouraged her to go to Singapore, for Pole Fitness. Now, she has improved a lot. She got rid of depression, still fighting with the thyroid problem, now of lower intensity. I am sure, she will be hundred percent cured and will be completely successful in her mission,” says Uday Deshpande.

Smiley further says, “Mental strength combined with the physical core is what any individual is empowered with through Pole. It improves flexibility, builds upper body and core strength. It also has elements of yoga in it. It improves one's posture, defines abs and shapes plus tones legs. Mental benefits are more as it helps prevent symptoms of anxiety and depression. Pole increases serotonin and dopamine which are the feel-good chemicals in our brains. Pole dancing is a psychological tool, a coping strategy to deal effectively with everyday stressors, as well as assist in recognizing self-talk and emotions. Pole allows people to be in the present moment, where they can choose how to respond to emotions, thoughts, sensations, and memories.” She adds, “It’s a great method to improve one’s mood.  The grip of pole helps our motor skills and it also teaches how to breathe. It’s a sure path of self-trust, self-reliance and discovering one’s inner strength. Above all it makes one feel beautiful. For Indian women, Pole is highly recommended because it will make them feel feminine, agile, empowered and will put them in touch with their inner Shakti.”