Gandhinagar: A team of activists from Ahmedabad have begun a rally named "Back to Ballot Paper" starting from Ahmedabad till Dandi, where Mahatma Gandhi had protested against the tax on salt, demanding the withdrawal of Electronic Voting Machines in elections and thus save the democracy, the Gandhian way. Infact, one of the activists had even dressed up as Gandhi while participating in the march.

On 12th March, 2018, 88 years since the famous Dandi Yatra took place activists Hasmukh Saxena, Atul Patel, Labhubhai Badhiwala, Shoeb Mirza and Vandanaben Patel have decided to use the similar way to protest against usage of EVMSs, by taking the Dandi March again through the original route. The group is supposed to reach Dandi village on 14th March, 2018. Gandhinagar based social-activist Hasmukh Saxena said; I solicit support of whole nation to join this fight for our rights against the political powers. EVMs will have to go, not by means of war, agitation, revolt but by making the administration submit to our solidarity. We will stand united and in this situation, the government will have no choice but withdraw the usage of EVMs.

“The government keeps denying the presence of corruption, but it is clearly visible. There is prohibition in Gujarat, but alcohol is still available for sale. Similarly is the case with EVMs, “claims Saxena. He says that usage of ballot paper in voting will be helpful in maintaining transparency of elections and the authenticity of the votes. Saxena declined of any involvement by any political party in his stir. We are not claiming any manipulation or technical faults in the Machine, but with the agenda that ballot paper is the safest.