MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: Within 24 hours of the Statue of Unity being inaugurated at Kevadiya Colony in Narmada and PM Modi claiming that the statue would provide ample employment opportunities to the locals in the region, a contractor employed with the government during the construction of the statue let go off about 200 employees from their jobs on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled to the world, the tallest statue ever built, the Statue of Unity in Narmada district of Gujarat. He claimed that the tourism and other industries would thrive in this region and thus provide employment to the locals and tribals. The government had even claimed that it had mostly employed the locals and tribals in the construction work of the statue.

The fired employees, mostly Adivasi labourers were agitated upon knowing that they were replaced by others at their jobs on the same day, and had created a ruckus outside the Statue of Unity. They demanded that locals and Adivasis be given the first preference in hiring people to work at Statue of Unity and other attractions in Kevadiya Colony.

Police had to be called in after the protests began to take a violent turn and situation had become tense, who cleared out the protesting workers from the location.