The policeman in Sinha wasn't ready to believe everything Firoz had said


Prashant Dayal, Deewal Part-36: At about 8:30 AM, a police car entered the crime branch building. It was Jadeja's car. He got down from the car and went straight to the DCP's chamber. DCP Sinha was standing near the window smoking a cigarette when he saw the door behind him open. Upon seeing Jadeja come in, he turned back again towards the window while asking Jadeja to take a seat. Jadeja was wondering about the number of cigarettes DCP Sinha has smoked since last night and this one too was about to finish. "Dropped off chacha?" asked Sinha, who continued looking outside the window. Jadeja answered in positive.

"Did chacha say anything?"

"Sir on the way back, he was crying. Swore upon Parvez to claim that he had no idea that those demons were living in his house"

There was an eerie silence in the room. "What do you think Jadeja, Chacha is speaking the truth?"

Sitting up on his chair, Jadeja said that he thinks Firoz is indeed speaking the truth. "I too think so," said DCP Sinha as his crushed the cigarette stub in his ashtray on the table. Jadeja was feeling very weird during this whole time because he was sitting in a chair while the DCP was on his feet. Walking across the room, DCP said, "I too believe that Chacha might be saying the truth, but what is pinching me is the fact that for someone who has lost his son in the 2002 communal riots, there is surely a feeling to get revenge deep inside the heart. But there was no expression or feeling of rage or anger on his face. Or probably he was not showing it. If Firoz had such feelings, Naseeruddin could've easily taken advantage of it."

"It is indeed a weird thing sir that he didn't know it was these men living in his house that conducted the blast. Or there is a fair possibility of him narrating his sad story to us because we've reached up to him," said Jadeja. The DCP nodded in agreement. DCP Sinha's mind of the belief that Chacha was indeed speaking the truth and maybe that is the reason he wasn't harsh on him during the questioning. But the policeman in him was also having his doubts on the behaviour of Chacha.

It was common for policemen, to ask for proofs about everything. The policeman that Sinha was, demanded proofs for everything Firoz had said. He looked at his watch and asked Jadeja, "One more cup of tea?" Jadeja realised that this meant another hour over this topic. The DGP could make out from Jadeja's face on what he was thinking. He told him that they'd leave after this round of tea. The DCP was silent as the commando brought in tea for them. He was about take his sip when he put the cup down and said, Jadeja... Just get facts that Firoz gave us verified. Pull out his CDR (Call Detail Records) and see what kind of people chacha stays in touch with.  Put his number on surveillence form today itself." The DCP mumbled, I hope it doesn’t end here. DCP realised that Jadeja overheard what he said. He gave a smile and picked up another cigarette packet. "Sir..." said Jadeja objecting what Sinha was about to do.”I know I've smoked a lot today," said Sinha and put the packet back on the table. As he looked into the dustbin, he saw there were two empty packets of cigarettes lying, "Oh dear, I've finished two packets by night" Jadeja was feeling odd for having stopped the DCP from smoking another cigarette. He apologised, but the DCP said, “Why are you apologising? I am the one who is supposed to say sorry. I have been smoking so much and all that smoke is going into your lungs too." Jadeja had finished his tea and DCP Sinha put the cigarette pack back in the drawer. He took his mobile phone and put it in his shirt pocket and his pistol on the table. He called in the commando to ask him to get his car ready. As the commando was about to pick up the gun from the desk, the DCP warned him to check if it is loaded and if yes then unload it before taking it away. As Jadeja got up, the DCP asked him to go home and take rest while he'd return by 2 in the afternoon. Suddenly Sinha remembered something and he kept his hand on his forehead.

"What happened sir?" inquired Jadeja.

"My daughter is sick and I haven't spoken her the whole day yesterday. Now she'll be unhappy about it, said Sinha with an expression of regret on his face. Jadeja didn't know what to say. The DCP continued, “Can’t help it. Will have to listen to my wife's scolding and cajole my daughter out her unhappiness," and he got into the vehicle. He inquired with the commando if their team is supposed to change the party, to which the commando responded in positive. "Drop me off and then you can change guard" said Sinha as he drove off. Jadeja and the commando saluted him before he left. In police parlance, changing guard means the night shift commando, driver and the wireless operator's place is taken by another batch that comes in the morning.

Jadeja took a deep breath as the DCP left crime branch. He took his phone and dialled the sub-inspector. He gave some set of instructions to him and informed that he'd be in the office by 2 PM. The sub-inspector was surprised that the DCP and Jadeja were working whole night. As Jadeja sat in his jeep, he asked the driver if he has a cigarette. A surprised constable turned back. "It has been a long day, so I need a cigarette" said Jadeja. The constable quickly handed over one along with a matchbox. The jeep sped towards his house as Jadeja smoked inside the vehicle. "I used to smoke during my college days. Then one day my father caught me and reprimanded me very badly" Since then I haven't taken a drag. Till date I am scared of my father. I can't event sit comfortably when he's around," said Jadeja to the constable who was driving the jeep.

This is the 36th part if the serialized novel Deewal-The story of Sabarmati Jailbreak Attempt, by Prashant Dayal, the editor of